Sunday, March 18, 2012

Non abbastanza presto

{not soon enough}
There only exposure I have had to real Italian culture is our friend who owns an Italian restaurant here in Hanau.
Besides the fact that spaghetti is by far my favorite food I also love the language Felice our Italian friend calls me piccolini and Taimi piccolino.
It makes me so happy I love the way it sounds.
We hop on a plane tomorrow morning. The sun can't come up soon enough.


Today we said goodbye to most our friends. It was hard. The primary had me get up while they wish me well wishes I cried. It's so humbling to enter a strange place and leave with life long friends and precious memories to cherish for all time.

We spent the remainder of the day resting for the best 7 Italian days EVER!

I wish I was sleeping right now but I have to wait for my clothes to wash so hopefully they will be dry by tomorrow morning. The joys of waiting last minute to do most everything.


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