Friday, March 30, 2012

Our Italian Vacation

We flew into Pisa on Ryanair the whole time the airline was trying to sell stuff down the isles like smokeless cigarettes, lottery scratch tickets, phone cards and other random stuff.
The flight was shorter than we are used to but it was still nice to get off that plane. I get really sick on air planes especially if we don't have a window and ours was the only row without a window, what fun!
I was so bugged I couldn't see Tuscany the Tirrenic coast flying in but whatever.
I am crazy about this picture. She is such a pro when it comes to traveling. Shes got it down know just what to expect and handles it all with such grace and patience.
The adorable Tavernari family was right there waiting for us. They are so sweet. We were so excited to spend most the week with them.
With Taimi on his shoulders Jonathan and Kiri took us to this adorable little pizzaria I got a calzone it was SO GOOD and so huge. It was at least the size of my calf. Chris had a huge pizza and half of Kiri's so our big boy had a full belly.
After lunch we headed to THE LEANING TOWER OF PISA.
I thought it was deserving of all caps.
Pisa surpassed all our expectations I love it there and it was the most beautiful day.

Taimi was up most the night before with either a tummy ache or nightmares and we had to get up pretty early for our flight so she was running on little sleep. But she was a trooper for the most part.
but of course had her deserving breakdowns
I really love all the souvenir stands that line the streets of every city we went to.
We are so glad instead of resting up for practice Jonathan hit the cobble with us and toured Pisa
Chris is such a multi-tasker comforting Taimi and holding up a tower at the same time...amazing.
I was pretty freaked out holding Taimi on this little nub. Not to mention it was slippery. Jonathan and Kiri and a arm length away to catch us in case we fall. It ended up being a pretty cool pic eh.

Jonathan and Chris have been friends since High School.
I love seeing Chris with is friends.
For some reason we thought the tower of Pisa was surrounded by...well...nothing. But actually it's surrounded by other beautiful buildings and a cute little city.

After Pisa we drove through the hills of Tuscany to Lucca Italy.
It was a great little city to walk around the first day.
It was just enough to get our chops wet for the first day.

After we walked around and got Gelato in Lucca we headed to Pistoia when Kiri and Jonathan live
Pistoia is known in Italy as the city of plants so it was only fitting to go eat lunch our second day at a plant farm/plantation-the biggest one in Pistoia if I remember correctly.
Besides being surrounded by the best company the food was incredible.
One of the things I wanted to do was eat authentic Italian food and this was just the ticket.
They serve this crazy ham, various cheeses and bread.

After lunch we went to the train station and brought tickets to Firenze (Florence)
Taimi was pretty excited about the train. She hadn't ridden on a train since we lived in the Czech Republic.
The joys a child finds is so freshing.
Once we reached Florence we went to purchase our tickets to ROME!!

The Duomo in Florence was nothing short of breathtaking and even made me cry a little.
Has I mention in other posts I am such a cry baby. If I get really happy or get really sad I cry. It honestly takes a lot of effort not to cry. Anyway it's Chris's favorite thing in the entire universe to get to me cry happy tears. Which really isn't that hard for him to do.

Our beautiful pregnant personal tour guide.
I don't know who was more excited about the carousel Chris or Taimi
Taimi fell asleep somewhere between the carousel and naked statue (below)
It always so nice when she falls asleep especially when we have an early train to Rome the next day.
They have these designated areas in Florence where people can do chalk art... I think thats a brilliant idea. The art is so beautiful.

Between Rome and Florence I got my fair share of weenies :) enough for a 100 lifetimes

Police women pulling over the segway

Chris got his cocos gelato (coconut) and after getting nearly attacked by a lady begging for money cause she was pregnant (although clearly NOT) Kiri and I decided to go to the square to take a load off.
We sat in the light of the carousel talking and laughing and watching Kiri haggle a scarf

After getting some food Jonathan came to pick us up.
Florence Lucca and Pisa were so awesome!!
But we also
loved the moments where we got to just hang out with Jt and Kiri and talk and laugh.

Next stop ROME

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