Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What I Got

I think it's always interesting what I find important enough to carry around with me everywhere I go. At this stage in my life this is what I found in my purse.
(starting top in rows going left to right)
Passports and peanuts for Taimi
My mini Book of Mormon it's nice to be strapped with the word of God wherever you go, crayons, pen and pink moleskin journal of thoughts and memories of Taimi I will give to her when she is older, hair elastics and clip, tissue, the current book I am reading, and WIPES.
Sticker book (a must have for us) lipsticks (to many if you ask me) Gum and stray mints, tic tacs, lotion and floss, throat drops and meltaway stips for Taimi, her cookie monster I-pod.
VIP ticket to get into the game, my dead phone I haven't used in months, Taimi's mittens my gloves and bubbles.
Dude no wonder my back hurts why do I carry half this stuff.
Also glad I did this cause I didn't have a diaper in my purse that would have been a catastrophe.
Not pictured about 1/2 a cups worth of fish crackers and crumbs.