Tuesday, March 13, 2012

All you need is love

Date night at Kinopolis in Frankfurt.
We saw the Vow (blah) the theater seats at least 1000 people it's incredibly massive. It was nice being almost the only ones in there.
After the movie we refilled out bucket of popcorn for Taimi
and walked around downtown for a while.
The next day was Valentines day Taimi had a little date with Issac Lucas a little English lad they play so well together.
We couldn't think of a better place to spend Valentines day than at the Frankfurt temple although there were a few hang ups like the huge language barrier while trying to get situated and in the right place before the session started not to mention Chris's translation devise didn't work hahahahaha it still was great.
We ate some whooppers and french fries picked up Taimi and headed home.

Once we got home Chris went to go order Taimi a mushroom and onion pizza from our restaurant
(T-times favorite) and these beauties.
Yes he waltzed in and got on one knee just like this picture. What a dreamy fella. He got me roses and tulips (swoon)
Taimi loved smelling them and pretending to bit the buds off the steams that silly little girl.
Chris went to practice leaving Taimi and I to adore our bouquet
Chris came home to candles and flower peddles
(wink wink)
It was a great Valentines day weekend.

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Chelsea said...

Ah that's so sweet! He's a keeper!