Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Magic Morning Magic Afternoon and Magic Evening

The ride down was AWESOME!
It went by so fast. 
The KC and Allison shared a room with us just before Las Vegas. 
We got breakfast with them along with Josh J$ and Mom. 
We stopped at Buffalo bills to ride it with KC and Allison. 
lets just say Chris almost was decapitated at least 12 times.
We won't be riding that ride EVER again but it was fun.
We got into town in a caravan which was fun. 
My family always plays a game "see whoever can spot the matterhorn mountain first.
We went to the Disney Character outlet store got pizza's played in the pool and watched the fireworks. 
I couldn't fall asleep I was too excited. 
We were at the gates an hour before the park opened for the MAGIC Morning!! 
By the way it was so magical. Totally lived up to it's name. 
Chris and I had purchased a new stroller but hadn't used it until this very morning. To our surprise the wheels were flat :) 
We were a rushed excited panic to make it to the gate before they open AND because our tires are now flat.
But Disney always comes through and had a automatic pump at the stroller rental.  
We counted down at the gate (literally) once they opened it we ran in (literally)
well mostly just Joshua and I screaming with our arms waving in the air.

 The whole park practically all to ourselves.

 First things first...Peter Pan!
It's Taimi's favorite movie.
In the movie when Wendy and her brothers first learn how to fly Chris or I have Taimi lay across our forearms and we fly her around the house. 
She loves it and we love it.
 We got to ride with Lila too. So Taimi got to ride with one of her best buddies.

 We ran off and on Dumbo about 4 times. Taimi was loving it. 

 Lila and I were like Peter Pan and his shadow. Sewed at the heels. I loved spending so much time with her. Especially with her and Taimi together.
 This ride made me wanna barf but the girls loved it.
They screamed the whole ride it was so funny.
 By the end of this ride Taimi had the song down!
She would sing it on the top of her lungs. 
Watching her astonished by all the little people (dolls) while singing on the top of her lungs was one of my top 5 favorite moments of the trip.

 Pluto was the first character she got to see and meet along with goofy.
She just couldn't believe it. 
She kept covering her mouth and laughing sometimes squealing.
It was the gol tutten cutest thing I had ever seen. 
She was awe struck by her favorite cartoon characters and the giggle monster. 

 Next we headed to Mickey's house because there was no our surprise there he was at the front door.
It was awesome. Taimi again couldn't believe her eyes. She was so excited she nearly popped my head off from squeezing my neck so tight.

 Once California Adventure opened we headed there to get fast passes to World of Color AND to take my Mom on Tower of Terror one of my favorite rides and another top 5 moment.
 I loved watching my family ride the rides to see their eyes dance with happiness and the smiles on their faces is the best!
 We headed back to Disneyland to watch one of the parades and I am so glad I did cause it was fantastic such a blast!
 These two bonded like glue on paper. 
Which is another top 5 moment. 
Watching Josh with Taimi brought tears to my eyes on more than one occasion.

 You gotta stay hydrated!
We brought a juicer so she is secretly drinking spinach and carrots along with her apple juice.
Tricky gotta be when you have one of the pickiest eaters known to man.
 I think she could have hung out in Minnie's room all day long. 

 This was me the full 3 days. 
Happy, comfortable 
(besides my left foot curse you nike!)
and so excited!

 My Mom was amazing!
She bought everyone these glow sticks for the evenings. 
After riding The Little Mermaid ride nearly 10 times in a row we headed down to the water where some of the family was waiting to watch World of Color.
Taimi would say "wow" or "look mommy" throughout the whole show.
She had the best time. We headed back to the hotel. Wait nope Chris and Taimi headed back to the hotel while Josh Allison Kc Jonathan and I went to ride Toy Story Mania. 
After Toy Story Mania we headed back to Disneyland. Chris met back up with us after putting Taimi to sleep.
All of us than (except Jonathan) rode splash mountain 4 times after we rode Indian Jones it was nearly midnight when Josh and Chris ran SO FAST to ride Star Tours one last time before they closed. 
They made it loved it. 
Me with my tired feet headed back alone.
Thinking and pondering how incredible the last 16 hours have been 
and how I have 2 more full days to soak up.
Yes my little family didn't leave the park all day. 
And yes my feet and back were killing me. I walked around the park at night barefoot and the whole way back to the hotel with no shoes on...let's be honest I didn't really wear shoes the rest of the trip :)

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