Thursday, May 17, 2012

I don't really like nutshells

Besides being a wife and raising Taimi this is what we have been up to the last month in a nutshell.

 We fly home from Germany a week or so before Easter. It was perfect timing I wanted to be home for the easter egg hunts so bad.
Taimi was a champ. She got a ton of eggs and even gave a few away at a little girl who was a few minutes late to the hunt and didn't get an egg. 
 Ya Ya even gave Taimi her own little private easter egg hunt after church which was nice. 
It's always the best to get Grandparents one on one with their grandkids.

 Our friends from Italy got Taimi this GIANT chocolate egg which she devoured or was it Chris who devoured it :)
 We had a nice dinner and yet another egg hunt with the cousins. 

We arrived home from Utah homeless my Mom was kind enough to open her home to us. 
I love her. Not only was she willing to let us crash and even gave us her room BUT she wanted to she tells us every day how happy she is that we are there sleeping on her bed, eating her food, invading her home. 
What a great parent.
We were suppose to move into a house in south Provo but it wasn't really, how do I say, deemed sanitary to live in.
So day after day Chris would go to work than go work on this house. 
Eventually he got enough done where he would actually let me see it.
He knew if I saw the house to soon I wouldn't live there.
I helped paint wall after wall, doorway after doorway.
We put in a new kitchen floor and etc.
It was a ton of work and I would be lying if I said I would do it again or even that I enjoyed it.
Cause I really didn't!
Taimi sporting Grandma's helmet for her Harley that Chris is loving riding all over Utah.
 We purchased this amazing Radio Flyer at a garage sell painted it fixed it up. Taimi loves it.

 Saturday morning we would walk to Macey's to get a doughnut. 
  Back and forth between provo and pleasant grove and finally we moved into this little house in south provo.
It still needed A TON of work. But we finally gave my Mom her bed back.

We had the greatest neighbors next door that would let Taimi feed the chickens and would let us pick fresh vegetables daily.

One night in the little yellow house in south Provo I was getting really discourage by the little progress that was being made on the house and the scare that Taimi may have eater rat poison. SHE DIDN'T but the thought that she could have and that we actually needed rat poison in the cupboards made me so overwhelmed. 
 I didn't understand why this is where we had and needed to stay. 
Two days later a job opportunity opened up for Chris that basically included a house overlooking the Provo Temple. So simply enough we moved in a day later.
It's a beautiful house! 
And Taimi FINALLY has her own room. 
She loves it she sleeps like a lamb.
It's the perfect situation.
Just goes to show what a little prayer a lot of faith and believing can do.

Throw in a few double dates, Disneyland, a few other dates and Mothers Day.
And that is what we have been doing lately.

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