Thursday, May 10, 2012

That's all she wrote

I can not believe I have yet to post our last few days in Italy.
Sunday we relaxed and enjoyed some of the best company you can keep. The Tavernari family
 Jonathan and Kiri made us a delicious Italian Sunday feast. 
Something to be noted I still think about the perfectly spicy and seasoned pasta Jonathan made.

 That morning we packed our bags and gathered all loose ends. 
Said goodbye to Jonathan and headed to my most favorite place Cinque Terre!! 
Unfortunately nearly 3 of the cities were destroyed due to floods in October so we only saw the first 2 cities. 
If I go back to Italy These 5 cities might be the only places I care to visit.

 Little stairways, alleys, houses stacked atop each other, colorful houses and buildings, AND it's along the mediteranean WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR ...
 besides this sexy stud and darling little girl....
 DOLPHINS in the wild!!
 Yep that is right. We saw about 8 wild dolphins I was freaking out! I was in heaven! I was loving it!
 I honestly could have sat perched on this cliff all day long watching those dolphins.
 If you pick Taimi up when she doesn't want to be picked up she kicks her legs back and forth like she is running in the air. I love it.
 This is one of my favorite views of the city.
 We couldn't have asked for better weather our whole trip. Italy did us proud. and treated us real good.

 We went through an underground tunnel to go see city #2. Taimi played the red light green light game. Or has she plays it Stop and Go the whole way through the tunnel.

There is one of the most beautiful trails that scales the mountain and ocean from Cinque Terre cities Riomaggiore and Manarola, that is called 
 Via dell'Amore: “Pathway of Love.” 
There are love notes along the whole trail.
It's semi-romantic.

 Our little nugget fell asleep thank goodness cause we have a plane to catch in a few short hours.

 My Toms have no grip so I slid the whole way down this metal bridge.
 City number 2 was equally as amazing as city #1

 We stopped for some gelato Chris and I both usually go for coconut. Actually if they don't have coconut I don't even bother.
 It's delicious but honestly German gelato might be better.

 We left as the sun was setting. I could have spent another 4 days there I loved it so much.

We said goodbye to Kiri and her little one growing in her belly and went to check in at the airport. 
I thought this bathroom was coo. AIR, WATER, AND SOAP in one sink. Pretty easy accommodating. I love it!

Italy you rock Kiri and Jonathan thanks for your generosity and for showing us such an unforgettable time.

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