Thursday, April 19, 2012

Falling off the Wagon

So my cute friend Chantel told me about a cleanse she is doing.
I have never attempted a cleanse before but have wanted to.
So I though what a great time to begin one, right before our fabulous family trip to Disneyland.

Where I usually eat whatever I want whenever I want how ever much I want.

Day one is down and I only broke the cleanse once to taste a sample of frozen yogurt.

Last night at about midnight I was talking to Chris while we laid in bed I mentioned how I wanted some doughnuts so bad today.
The only thing I wanted to do all day was stuff my face with really bad but delicious food before doing this cleanse.
I mostly just wanted doughnuts.
So he looked at me and said well lets go.
The good thing about staying with my Mom is we can actually just take off spur of the moment while she watches Taimi.

I was so happy I got all my favorites,
Rice crackers (ahhhh I would love some rice crackers right now)
I ate so much deliciousness!

The cleanse is going great although I feel more hungry than cleansed at this time :)

Day one I knocked out of the park with only one foul.

Speaking of doughnuts does anyone know where I can get a maple bar with bacon on top??

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Mitzi said...

The little treat shop at the Wilk has them in the morning. Or at least they have all semester long!