Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Daddy and Our Day Away

Fathers Day
Fathers day was simple...simply wonderful

I made Chris's favorite smothered breakfast burritos with hot sauce and salsa

 Happy Daddy!
Taimi got him a cute gift and so did I.
He was happy.
We had my Mom and brother over than evening for dinner and than more family came over later for dessert it was great!


Life has been insane for the miles family.
We started 2 charities TWO (2)
One for autism and Chris surprised me and started one for diabetes (in honor of my Dad)
This last week we would only see Chris for an hour of daylight.
He was out networking and pounding the pavement trying to get the word out.
He has been working so hard.
AND I HAVE HATED IT :) i mean that in the best way
We miss him. 
We are so lucky to have such a hard working man taking care of us but most the time we would rather have him than anything else.
It's been hard for me having Chris gone all day ALL DAY!!
I have been spoiled with my husbands time the last 3 years.
We are usually together all day every day.
It's hard to get used to.
I don't want to get used to it!
Taimi had missed her Daddy too.
The other day she fell asleep while we were walking through Costco and Chris surprised her with this 53 inch tall bear when she woke up. It's huge! 
I am still not sure what we are going to do with it.

Taimi is a joy!
 She gets into my clothes, shoes, and jewelry. You name it she gets into it. I love it! 
In the picture above she somehow got my blouse on and found this hidden box of lucky charms.
I found her with said lucky charms box the previous morning. 
I woke up to some rustling of a plastic bag and some small mouse like nibbles.
And there she was sitting next to our bed with her head and arm in the box trying to find all the marshmallows of course. 
I can't think of a better way to wake up. I was smiling the rest of the day.

 Friday I decided Taimi and I were going to go to work with Chris.
We hadn't seen him all week and I was SICK OF IT.
At least we could drive to work together I would drop him off and go hang out with my Sister, so we did.
While Chris was at work my sister had this brilliant idea to go stay the night in Salt Lake together.
So we booked a hotel at the marriot and headed to SLC
I was screaming and freaking out!
I was so excited but sort of anxious for 3 reasons,
1. I have never been away from Taimi for longer than 3 hours at the most. (BY CHOICE)
2. Nether of us had showered that day and we didn't have any spare clothes
3.  Chris still had some work to do in Salt Lake. 
But we were going to work it out.
That's the joy of being spontaneous--working through it and not sweating the small stuff.

We went and ate at Olive Garden
We went and dropped off half a million inserts to go into the Sunday newspaper for our charity dinner coming up and 3 on 3 tournament (more to come)
 We went and bought Chris some clothes at City Creek because in his own words "I look like a bum"
He went into the bathroom in a white wrinkled shirt and white stained basketball shorts and came out like this!! Dead Sexy!
I borrowed clothes from Camille so I was smoking hot :)
It was so much fun shopping for Chris he bought the cutest mustard yellow pants
he is looks "so fly" said lady in reference to Chris's pants.
 We walked around the temple than went and had some dessert at Blue Lemon.

After we cuddled on a chair and watched the fountain show at City Creek!

It was so much fun! We spent some much needed time talking, laughing and reconnecting.

Chris and I are interesting.
We could spend every second together for months and months years and years and NEVER get sick of one another. But the moment we are apart and don't see each other much we start having quarrels silly stupid ones.
We do better together than apart!

At around 10:30ish we missed Taimi desperately I was homesick and wanted my whole family in my arms.
So we headed home.
Maybe one of these days I will find the guts to stay away from Taimi for a whole day and a night.
I hope I do soon.

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Chelsea said...

You guys are seriously a power couple! Good luck with your charities! They sound amazing!