Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Listening and Answering

Since we have arrived back from Germany life we have been going and going and going!
We were fixing up a house so old Provo should probably deem it historical. 
It was difficult. It was frustrating. It was a little depressing. 
But I was grateful for a place to live.
And we were going to make the best of it. 

One afternoon it was just Taimi and I. I decided to man up and clean the oven. I opened the lid to the top of the stove to clean underneath the burners and saw what seemed to be hundreds and hundreds of mouse terds! I know, sick, right? 
I lost it!
I went and knelt on Taimi's big girl bed and cried! I prayed! And cried some more!
The little yellow historic house was just so much work for such a short stay from us. 
I prayed that I would find the courage and ability to see the good in the situation. I prayed for a better brighter attitude and I prayed for a better situation if it was at all possible.

TWO (2) days
 later the most wonderful family said they had a vacant FURNISHED!!! house right next to the Provo temple. 
This isn't any house it gigantic!
It's absolutely beautiful. 
By far the nicest and largest house Chris and I have ever lived it. 

Moving into our new summer rental house I couldn't help but cry and pray for however long it took to move. I was so grateful to have my prayer answered so quickly and I am so thankful for this wonderful family who opened their wonderful mouths. 
Some of my favorite aspects of the house is my new library over looking mount timp.
It has a latter!
I don't have many books but Chris surprised me by unpacking them and placing them on a shelve so I would have to climb this sweetness of a latter.
The furniture is incredible! This is one of the three lamps in one of the 3 living rooms. I'm obsessed with it.
We have this HUGE four post bed a sitting area and a fireplace in our bedroom.
It also must be said that Taimi has her own room across the hall from us. 
We have shared a room with her since she was almost 1 year old.

Also there is a switch that turns on 2 heating lamps in the ceiling that heat up the area right outside of our shower and jetted tub SAWEEEEET!! I would have never thought to put heating lights into the bathroom. 
I admitting stand underneath them for minutes at a time.

We live right next to the Provo temple AND across the street from our church LITERALLY!! 
It's neat coming from a place where I had to drive an hour to church and further to the temple to a place where I am a 30 second walk to the church AND a minute walk to the temple.

I don't say this to brag. I am just so grateful! SO GRATEFUL! and humbled.
I am posting this so I never forget how good God is to me. So I never forget that he IS listening and how aware he is of me and my family needs.  

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