Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My first experience with a French mid-wife

since I am 19 weeks and haven't been to the doctor since I was in the USA at 13 weeks I decided I should probably stop putting it off and find a Doctor that speaks English and isn't wierd.

So I networked by pants off. I finaly met a women named Valerie in the "VIP" room after Chris slaughtered one of the best teams. They haven't beaten this derby team in over ten years. Chris comes into the picture they win by more than 30!!!!! Ok enough about that.

It's a very small little office near our flat. Her office is crammed with baby announcements papers and whatever else. Her name is Dr. Baron. She looked young tall, skinny like a rail and She wasn't wearing a bra (not like that mattes or anything) As she greeted me into her office she reached out to shake my hand which I liked cause it showed she welcomes and is open to American customes.

The three of us sat down and answered about 50 questions she had. Then she asked me to take off my pants. She didn't leave the room or give me anything to cover up with. She just stood there looking, waiting. Ok?? Well this is strange I thought. I asked 3 times. "you want me to take off my pants and underware?" hopeing I misunderstood her. But sure thing Off they went. Her English was very good for this region of France which answers about 100 different prayers I have offered.  I undressed hopped up on the chair yadda yadda yadda I could get dressed again.

Next was ultra sound time. Surprisingly she spent over 20 minutes with us during the ultra sound. Showing us EVERYTHING from her ( YEP WE ARE HAVING ANOTHER GIRL) nostrils to the valves of her heart. She measured her legs and reinact what position she was in for me. It was hilariously adorable that our Doctor went to such extremes but we loved it! It was amazing. She even showed me the placenta and umbilical cord. She showed us our perfect babies girls parts at the end. I had an appointment back home at 13 weeks and found out it was a girl but didn't want to reveal the news until I had another confirmation since I was only 13 weeks when we found out.

I was so happy with my first visit. Dr. Baron called the hospital and got me an appointment to meet with a doctor that will be delivery our baby. A Dr. That also speaks English. Yahoo!! Dr. Baron won't deliver my baby but she will be there during the whole process helping and coaching me. I will meet my doctor in 3 weeks and the week after that I will meet dr. Baron again.

All in all it was an excellent experience very personable she really took her time with us making sure me and our BABY GIRL were happy and healthy.


Cindy said...

HI Ashley
wow honey you are the bravest little Mama I'm so happy you have found a Dr and a midwife whom are going to do a wonderful job in the delivery of my little Grand-baby Girl here. I;m looking forward to arriving there in France in Feb for the big day. Taimi is amazing, bless her little heart making Mommy and Daddy so proud.tell her yia yia loves her... I'm happy she is enjoying her life there in France. I've been dreaming of our next Family trip to Disneyland and the fun we have being all together... oxoxo love you Mom.. ps Awesome Chris 30 points and the win wow!!! i wish I could of been there...

Lindy said...

That is awesome! I would die if the doc told me to just take off my pants while he/she watched! You're so brave and tough. I have known you were having a girl all along, but I'm excited that you had another confirmation. Love you guys!