Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Can't Wait

After Taimi's birthday on October 13th I start listening to Christmas music, watch Christmas movies, baking with pumpkin puree and burn cinnamon on he stove.
They don't celebrate Halloween OR Thanksgiving (obviously) so it's the next best thing to look forward to.
So this summer I ordered a ton of Christmas movies off Amazon.
Since we watch them for 3.5 months out of the year. And love every minute of it.
This one one of the two boxes i ordered. I ordered around 20 movies for around $40.00!! I bought them all "like new" some of them were under $1.00, less then a buck! Why do I ever pay full price for a movie?
Am I missing my blonde locks?? Umm...NO! I feel like I am acutally treated differently. I think people might find me more approachable.

My cousin/friend sent me a quote when Camille dyed my hair,
"A woman who is about to change her hair is about to change her life"
Change is always good...always!
This is our door. We have a buzzer to allow people into our building but this time we have an intercom. It's awesome we have a good time with it.


Cindy said...

love your new look i do miss you as a blonde too Your blue door is awesome. the intercom reminds me of Jerry Seinfeld Show.. Elaine come on up.....

Mallory said...

LOVE LOVE your new hair!!! Almost makes me want to dye mine the same color!