Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Taimi's 1st day of school

Madam Durbaet (doobwa) is her teacher.
It's a tiny school house hidden in the corner of Saint Bruiec. It's lovely.
Her first day was Tuesday.
So naturally Monday I was a nervous wreck and didn't sleep very well.
I just kept imagining what it might be like for her on her first day of school.
That she will need to sit still and listen :)
Not being able to understand a word (except for the 30 minutes of english during the day)
Being surrounded by strangers
What if she gets hungry or thirsty
But the schoolhouse is full of wonderful toys, art supplys, musical instruments, tricycles, books, balls. You name it they have it.
There are only 18 or less kids in the class so it's very small which I liked.
We visited the school and met the teacher the day before she was to attend just to familiarize herself with the area and people.
Taimi didn't want to leave.
She did one of her famous freak outs as Chris picked her up to leave kicking screaming hitting scratching....oh joy.
What a great first impession.
Red faced we said goodbye to Madam Durbaet.
They lock the door to the courtyard of the schoolhouse and yard at 9am so we needed to get her in and situated around 8:45am Tuesday morning.

She was so sweet and obedient that morning. It was all going to be just fine.

I was trying not to cry from the moment I layed out her clothes and packed her bag the night before.
And I was doing pretty darn good if I may say so myself.
The moment she sprinted once she saw the door to her class I realized this is a million times harder for me than her.
Does she even I don't think so.
She is so brave so strong. And where there are kids and toys she is happy.
From the moment we picked out her name when she was born I imagined it just like this, on her cubby or coat hook. On all her art project and papers.
I was so happy Chris could come drop her off with me.
She was so perfectly happy we could have and should have left but choose to hang around and watch her from a far when I realized her pants keep sagging down.
 I didn't want her pants to sag all day so Chris and I went to tighten the waist of her pants.
Right then Taimi's world collapes. She had one of her great fits. Kicking, screaming, flopping all over the place.
The teacher asked me to leave she said it would be better if I left.
Red faced and teary eyed Chris held my shoulders while we left our little girl crying on the floor.
we stayed near the windows and after a few minutes the teacher asked Chris to come back in.
Which he did.
I during this time went out in the courtyard and cried in the corner.
Darling Jullian (a booster for the club) saw me and came to console me. He even cried with me. It was rather humerous.
Why was I crying?? Why do we cry when our kids go to school?
I got it together when the assistent to the team and his wife came over to talk. But once Chris came outside I lost it again. Chris just smiles and giggles a bit. I am such a cry baby!!
After we went home Chris needed to get ready for training and I well...tried to keep busy. Cleaning and crying crying and cleaning showering and crying sitting and crying counting down the minutes to 12:00.
They lock the doors no one can go in or out from 9am-12:00pm, 12:30-3:30pm
I was outside the gate at 11:47 literally counting down the minutes.
They don't go to school Wedsnesday so tomorrow will be her second day at school.
wish me luck.
 de la côte de Saint Bruiec
the coast of Saint Bruiec

I have never lived on the coast. It's Chris's preference mine is the mountains or farm area. 
But you can't deny it sure is gorgeous. This is Saint B's boardwalk it's fabulous. It's about a 5 minute drive from our house.  It's very relaxing to walk it with Chris.
This is Saint Martin's cove it's peaceful and secluded.

This is my 15 week belly shot! I am now 16 weeks and significantly bigger or at least I feel significantly bigger.
Oh and I darkened my hair. I like to call it brown but my sisters insist it's blonde still. 
Chris had an evening off so we went to the coast. we visited 2 different beaches. walked and talked. Taimi fell asleep in the car and slept a good 3 hours I think they call it jetlag. So Chris and I had a lot of time together and since we were apart for 2 weeks BOY WAS IT NICE.

The local Martin's cove restuarant and bar.
Can't forget to mention the crazy lady at Carrfore who insisted we dinged her car with Chris's door a scratch about the size of 3 ants that was the color white might I add our car is a pretty gold color.
She called the cops and poor Chris has to iron out the situation he got a little heated with the lady but she deserved it.


Cindy said...

Ashley only a month has gone by since I've seen Taimi how she has grown. How sweet going to pre school her smile tells it all. i love the photos of your town and the beach how beautiful I can't wait to get there in Feb. Love you Mom

elizabeth kartchner said...

these pics are so fun! Thanks for posting all of them.
you look so stinkin cute!

haha... yeah, you are still blondie. :)

i miss you!! Need to plan our trip there asap.