Saturday, September 8, 2012

3 things I have learned about France

1. These wonderful French people love their Orange Juice. They drink it for every meal no matter what they are eating or what time of day it is. Their Jus d'orange seems to be their go to drink. When we visit our friends or are invited for dinner the first thing everyone offers us is some orange juice.
 Good thing to cause I love it!!

2. They love their bread. It's huge and delicious. It might be one of Taimi's favorite things. She loves the french loaf thats about 3 feet big quite literally the same size as she is. There are bakeries everywhere and they stack their bread just like this. I see people carrying these huge loafs around in their pockets hahaha awesome, and they are only like 30 cents.
Chris didn't even give me a heads up on this one. Shame shame shame on him cause I could have REALLY used one. We went to dinner at 9pm NINE PM!!!! They eat late but that's a post on it's own. Upon arrival Chris approached these two women and just started kissing them on the checks. I am sure I was wide eyed and bright red with all sorts of confused feelings. When the men approached me for the same greeting and then the women also. EI YI YI this is going to take some getting used to. Turns out everyone I have met or seen since then kisses both checks when greeting AND kisses both checks again upon farewells.
All i have to say is between the management, teammates, church folk, fans and staff(which are 99% male) there will be a lot of lips on these checks. Chris on the other hand only has to kiss the females...lameo! I get to kiss both genders..sweetness.


Chelsea said...

Haha that is sooo funny about the kissing! Polynesians do the same things but I have to admit that I don't like it. Especially if the person is kinda gross...No offense!:) Good luck in France!

Cindy said...

I love it Ashley.. You seriously made my day... I can't wait to come there in Feb. Love you Mom