Monday, October 8, 2012

Exciting news brings exciting trips

We found out Taimi was a girl pretty early not as early as 13 weeks but at 15 weeks. I remember right when we got home from the doctor we laid on our bed together staring at our ultra sound picture when Chris looks at me and says "lets go to Disneyland!" "right now?" I responded. "No, but right after practice tonight lets go." He said. Quickly I replied not quit sure if I can jump on the bed screaming but getting into the position, "Chris this isn't funny, don't tease me!" "I'm not teasing or joking" he laughed in relply. I jumped I screamed and of course I cried!

Chris had that weekend off which is SUPER rare for his college coach. While he was at practice I rented a car from my mission companion who works at Enterprise. I booked a room at Camelot Inn and we were on the road before the sun went down.

We originally planned to go to Moab that weekend to camp hike and mountain bike. So we ate our tinfoil dinners in the car that I cooked in the oven before we left. We remember laughing because after hours of driving they were still piping hot. The trip happened to be over Mother's Day weekend and was our first time to Disneyland together. It kicked off a yearly tradition we cherish.

This year Chris shocked me again after finding out we are having another girl he surprised us with the trip of a lifetime.

Christmas in Paris at Disneyland.

We will be staying at the Disneyland hotel which is located steps from the gate.
Actually I think the hotel is the gate!
This will be the first Christmas we won't be going home. So I think a trip like this might be the only thing to distract us from our family and friends back home that we are missing so much.
I guess it doesn't "really" snow in this region of France. So at least I will get the fake artificial snow daily on mainstreet :) 
I've always wanted to stay at the Disneyland hotel and in my opinion this one tops it all.
Every morning we get to eat breakfast with the characters in our hotel. We get special fast passes! And our room overlooks the park.
Did I mention we got 40% off the entire trip.
Which means it's cheaper that going home schwing!
Today the countdown starts and we have 75 days to go! 


Megan Perry said...

I love your blog! I feel like a creeper, BUT I did go to school with Chris. =)

McCall said...

how exciting! ps. how have you been able to find out the gender so early?? My ob's office wouldn't even schedule the gender sonogram until 20 weeks!!

Cindy said...

Ashley I'm jumping for joy for you all what an exciting adventure you are taking Taimi on... the most enchanted place to be is Disneyland for Christmas... what a delight to know you will be staying in the Disney Hotel, breakfast with Micky Goofy all of your favorites. So fun.... I want to buy Taimi a Princess Dress to wear for her Christmas Adventure. Who would she like to be? Love MOM

Kate said...

That's so fun! I didn't realize you guys were such Disneyland pros! We're thinking about going for Ben's graduation next spring and I'd love any tips you could give!

Allison J Brown said...

Ashley! So excited for all of you. What a sweet story you can tell your girls about when they are older. Paris plus Disneyland plus Christmas plus staying in a Disneyland hotel sounds so perfect! I cannot wait until I see your pictures!

Lindy said...

I'm sad to hear that you aren' t coming home, but holy cow! Disneyland in Paris!!! How amazing! I'm so happy for you! I can't wait to see pictures! Love you so much!

Melanie said...

We're going to miss you at christmas! I'm super jealous about disneyland though! Take tons of pictures!