Monday, October 15, 2012

My 29th Birthday

It started great went incredible and ended with a stomach ache and straight up pure fright.
Chris woke up and made nutella crepes. A staple in this house we eat like 2-3 times a week which explains my hips and thighs and why they are growing as fast as my tummy.
 After we ate and got dressed we went to the local market. Taimi got her favorite, clementines. And Chris got some bananas I just enjoyed splashing in puddles with Taimi and holding Chris's hand while we walked around.
 After the market Chris had to run to practice for 2 hours.
He came home with not one but two cakes cause last year he forgot to get me a cake so I threw in some cinnamon rolls and topped them off with some candles.
 While we were eating cake some friends from our church stopped by to give us yet another chocolate cake :) we got some cake over here folks.
 Then we drove 1 hour and 15 minutes to Mont Saint-Michel
The place looks like a castle mainly Repunzel's parents kingdom so the whole time Taimi was looking for her and Flynn Rider.

To get there you can either walk 2 kilometers or take a shuttle.
 We attemped to walk and then ditched that idea.
 The shuttle was a blast and free :) we were excited to be out of the car and on our way to the monstrosity.

 It was really the most perfect day. The last few weeks it's been pretty chilly but this day we didn't even need coats. Taimi was great the whole time and let Chris and I have a lot of one on one hand holding. Usually she tries to get inbetween us but today she let us be.
The very glorious Mont Saint-Michel.
A little history lesson. It was built around 500AD. In the 6th and 7th centery the island was used as a stronghold/prison. Since then it's been an active Monastery/Abbey.
 Population of the island is 44 they even have a post office.
Over 3 million people visit this island a year.
 Once I got to this point.
I was  OH, SO VERY EXCITED (sorry to shout) to see the rest.
This draw bridge Taimi and I are on was one of the neatest things so old and authentic.
 For me it was a labrynth so many different narrow walk ways and half a dozen different stair cases going every which way. It was facinating and very thrilling.


 There was a garden on this roof top with a cat and kittens. It's really hard to believe 44 people truley live on this island.
 I was obsessed with all the shop signs and lit up laterns.

 Sort of wishing we didn't bring our stroller we found a place to hide it snug in a corner near a closed shop and started to explore up the stairs.
I was really happy to climb the stairs I need the excercise.
 By the time we made it to the stairs that lead up to the Abbey it was closed. We missed it by 10 minutes. I did a little to much dilly and dally unfortunatly.

Around the outskirts of the Abbey.

depending upon the tide it's either surrounded by water or not. While we were there the tide was super low. I don't really like being surrounded by water so luck was on my side. It must have been my birthday.
None of the restaurants opened till 7 so we hung around, took pictures and took in the view until one opened. The first place we went to didn't come take our order for 15 minutes so we packed up and tried to find another restaurant that looked good.
We found an even better place at the foot of the island with a roaring fire and very little people.
Chris ordered all sorts of weird things. They served 3 courses. This was Chris's first course. A raw salmon sea creature salad.
I wouldn't dare touch it let alone eat it. But Chris scarffed it down without batting an eye.
Taimi talked to Grandma on this phone for quite a while.
Taimi is very much interested in taking pictures. She loves it.
She sings a little song as she walks around the house taking pictures but it's worthy of another post one which displays some of her work.

Till then here is a few she took on our way to the next shuttle.
Sometimes she will cut off Chris's head but thats not unusual lots of adults have managed to cut off Chris's head in pictures.
However every now and then she manages to cut off both our heads.
Lots of the time we have to curt, bend and squat to find the lense.
But every now and then she takes a pretty good picture
or two.
Goodbye Mont Saint-Michel we bid adieu until someone comes to visit us.
We got in the car to head home. And realized we are nearly out of gas. Our car takes desiel and it was around 9pm not to mention we were out of cash.
We started to make our way home keeping an eye out left and right for an open gas station one
You see some gas stations here don't offer desiel,
or they offer desiel but don't take credit cards
or the pumps take a credit card but no desiel
or they offer desiel and take a credit card but the machines are not working,
or the gas staion is closed all together.
We were both praying so hard that we would find one that met our needs.
After we stopped at our 7th gas station with our gas light binging and blinking I was starting to lose hope.
Fear was creeping in I felt like my eyes were burning from the tears I wouldn't let drop the lump in my throat was going to choke me and my heart was going to burst out of my chest.
I was terrified of the thoughts I was allowing to creep into my mind.
1. We would run out of gas Chris would be the man he is and want to go find help. He would leave Taimi and I in our locked car some scary french trucker would stop to see what was going on and....
2. We would just sleep in the car until a staion opened and freeze to death.
hahaha both very unlikely scenarios.
Chris stayed very positive and sure we would be alright.
But the more we drove off the main road to find the next gas station the more I was starting to panic inside.
Sure enough 10 minutes from our house there FINALLY was a station opened with both desiel and a cc machine.
The more we drove off the main road the more anxious I became.
(thus the answer to our prayer)
but did I listen...not really.
 You see, if we would have stayed our course we would have either
A. made it home no problem or B. came upon this gas station 30 minutes ago.
Sheesh we relied more on our own devises and GPS then the feelings of our heart and the spirit.
Thank goodness our prayers were answered that night regaurdless and Heavenly Father was patient with us.
It was a very memorable birthday! One that won't be forgotten.

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Cindy said...

Wow!!! what a Birthday Honey.. I thought of you all day trying to picture How you may be spending your Birthday. I love every photo not only because your in France and it looks lovely and Romantic but also because i can truly see how happy you are. I can picture you 3 skipping to the song We Are A Happy Family...Taimi I think the Luckiest Little Girl... Love you 3 so much. Mum