Thursday, February 21, 2013


The NICU only allows the same 4 visitors and the visitors have to be 18 years or older. 
Which means Taimi hasn't been able to see her sister in person hold or kiss her 
talk to her and tell her stories.
Taimi was so excited to get a glimpse of her baby sister for the first time a few days after she was born.
 Taimi is one very VERY special little girl. 
Especially since her and Zuzu made a deal with each other in heaven that they would be sisters and take care of each other.  Taimi opted to come to Earth first and promised to always be there and take care of Zuzu.
 She was thrilled to see Zuzu through the little window. 
She waved and wished she could touch and kiss her.
 Thats Zuzu's little bed in the left window. 
Since then she has moved to a bigger private window and a big girl bed. 
She is growing and doing so amazingly good for her circumstance 
which tells us one thing that she is definitely Chris and my daughter. 

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Chelsea said...

Ahh how sweet! Congrats you guys!