Monday, March 25, 2013

Meaning behind the name

I'm a passionate person especially when it comes to things, people and places I love. And one movie I love is The Christmas  movie Its A Wonderful Life. 

So many people have asked where I got the name Zuzu. Well, Chris and I gave Taimi a list of three names Zuzu, Noel, and felicity. Zuzu from my favorite movie. Noel is the French word for Christmas my favorite holiday. And Felicity is a word used in my favorite book the Book of Mormon. We let Taimi pick her baby sisters name and she picked Zuzu for obvious reasons and also because  it's pretty awesome. 

What? ( With an uncomfortable giggle) Really?  (Awkwardly smiling) are some of the reactions i have gotten when i tell them what we named Zuzu and where we came up with it. they always expect a great story or reason behind her name to them its simple and even silly to name your daughter after a movie.
But  It's far more than a just a movie to me its more than a seasonal film and tradition for me and my little family. 

The movie takes place during the worst economic depression is US history and the most devastating war humankind has ever known. And yet the movies message is, life is wonderful. Most everything goes wrong for the main character his dreams are squandered everything he wanted out of life is taken from him he ends up being broke, suicidal and facing time in prison and yet the message is how wonderful life is. And it's wonderful because of the way he reacted to the things that have happened to him. Its wonderful because of his relationships with his family and friends. its wonderful because no matter what happens to him he still has a loving wife and children who need him. His friends who respect him. And he will always have a loving Heavenly Father to help and protect him. 

From around March 2005 to October 2012 when I met Chris, fell in love,  served a mission, got married, watched Chris play college basketball, had a baby girl and traveled the world for 3 years. Life was so much better than I could have ever imagined. But it took a crazy turn in mid October 2012 when Zuzu was given a 50% chance of still birth a 50% chance of a heart defect and a 100% of complete uncertainty.  Our life came to a complete halt. It wasn't going as planned. But because of the lessons I learned and who Zuzu is she is a daily if not hourly reminder that life is suppose to be and will always be wonderful the choice is ours. 

I can't tell you how many people have never seen and more often never even heard of Its A Wonderful Life. Maybe 8 out of ten people have never seen nor heard of it.  It's shocking and a little alarming nobody watches those quiet simple movies anymore that are full of chocolate covered nuggets of wisdom. Our pediatrician has required his whole office to watch it together cause so many haven't seen it. How awesome is that? 

Its awesome because the movie is an excellent reminder to me of the impact we have on those around us either direct or indirect for the good or the bad. It's a spiritual reflection on what we can be when we are at our best. Its a message about how life doesn't go has planned but CAN BE AND STILL IS wonderful.
And that's why we named Zuzu ZuZu. She is a reminder to me and others of how wonderful our lives are. And with Zuzu and Taimi in it it's truly an understatement. Even though life is going to be so doggone hard nothing can or will overshadow its wonder and Beauty because we won't let it. 


McCall said...

Love the movie, love her name :)

reen said...

I love the movie too. When I heard your gave her the name my first thought was, "Zuzu's petals"! Plus, I think the girls names are so cute together. Good choice!

edawn said...

Zuzu's petals! That's exactly what I thought when I saw the name. I love it.

tahnie said...

you are incredible and such an inspiration. I have my own myriad of health issues, however, I believe we can choose joy as well. thank you for sharing your story so gracefully.