Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Taimi's Gotcha Taimi Gotcha

Sisters are definitely something created by heaven. I myself have two older sisters who have in every way shaped my life. Camille my oldest so full of charity. She was always a safe haven for me and my siblings. Elizabeth the next in line has a special zest for life knows who she is and isn't afraid to put herself out there. I also have three little brothers who played a big part in who I have become But for today this post is about sisters. 

Zuzu got to come home to us on oxygen and a lovely (not) heart/breathing monitor on March 10. She was in the NICU a month and 6 days. It been the sweetest thing watching Taimi with Zuzu.  I love watching her put her jealous feelings aside and care of her baby Zuzu as she calls her. 
The other day Zuzu was crying after I "blue siryned" her if you know what I mean. She held her tight kissing her forehead and whispering in her ear "it's ok baby Zuzu don't cry Taimi's gotcha Taimi's gotcha. " Followed by, "shshshshshshshshs Taimi's gotcha shshshshshshshshs."

I believe so strongly that these two girls are connected with a bond that can never be broken. A bond that was made in heaven. Zuzu will be Taimi's light and sunshine and Taimi will be Zuzu's guide and bodyguard. 

It's easier to take care of Zuzu without little Taimi's help but the more I involve Taimi girl, the more I recognize the need for me to not get in the way of their reconnection and their bonding.

I know Zuzu agreed to take on this frail body to go through this life with her neat and special needs ONLY if she could have Taimi right by her side, Chris as her Dad and me as her Mom which makes this experience our greatest gift.


Victoria said...

So glad to hear she is home! I have been following your blog to hear the ZuZu updates and keeping you all in my thoughts.

Victoria :)

Anonymous said...

The love and compassion Taimi shows to ZuZu is the love she has been shown by you and Chris. This is an excellent testament to the depth of love she has learned from you. I'll bet Taimi has heard "don't cry, Taimi, Mommy's gotcha" from you numerous times. She is now passing that demonstration of love on to her sister. :)

Keep writing about ZuZu! How is she? Sending you a big hug today. :)