Friday, June 7, 2013

Disneyland 2013

With a nudge from my sister Liz and encouragement from Zuzu's cardiologist. We decided to put our nervous fears aside, in regards to Zuzu, and 
Go. To. Disneyland. 
Our cardiologist said it would be good for Zuzu because its a warmer climate, there is less RSV. Since its lower altitude, she will breath better. And we are just going with our little family so she will be passed around less.
DONE! We were in the car and there the next day.
I've always played this game since I was little where the first person to find the Matterhorn mountain gets a prize/wins. So Taimi got out her seeing eyes. She was SO excited. 

Zuzu actually had nothing to do with WHY we were going. It was all about Taimi. Sine about December we have been impossibly busy with doctors appointments and ZuZu. This trip was to make Taimi feel special, loved, important and for all of us to feel carefree. 
It could not have gone more perfect. Everything went so smooth. Taimi got to hold hands and walk with all her favorite characters. Including her all time favorite Snow White whom she had the pleasure of singing with while taking a lovely stroll through the castle hand in hand.
Not to mention Daisy who we have never been able to find before this trip

"This is the best day ever!" Was all Taimi kept saying. day after day. 
 I could not have agreed more.

Since ZuZu is very special we were able to get a special pass. The longest we had to wait for a ride was no more than 5 minutes. No lines=no crowds.

Thank you ZuZu! Zuzu did amazing. She loved bein carried in our carrier all day snuggled close to us. She also loved all the rides, colors, and sounds/songs.
Those rides included splash mountain, Matterhorn, Toy Story Mania, cars, and all others. Did we mention Taimi was tall enough to ride everything so that's what we did. We rode everything at least twice! Monsters Inc. and Little Mermaid we rode at least 10 times each. 
It was awesome!
Taimi was so brave she loved all the rides except Matterhorn. She hated Matterhorn.
Since we had that great pass. We had the best seats to World Of Color. I finally really got to see that show. I always cry during the nighttime shows. Sitting there with Taimi on my lap with her arm around me while she strokes my neck and Chris by my side holding my hand while watching amazement on my daughters face. It makes me so happy. I leave the world behind and grasp the moment.
I love nighttime  at Disneyland. I love walking across the street to our plaza seeing all the kids who had passed out hanging on to their toys with smiles on their faces. It's adorable.
We sat by these grandmas at the World Of Color who gave us free passes to Breakfast At The Plaza with Minnie Mouse. It was my favorite thing we did the whole trip. We weren't rushed with the characters. They spent so much time with Taimi and Zuzu.  We got there at the very end so we missed the crowds. And the buffet was delicious. Eeorye had a stare down with ZuZu (pic above) he couldnt get enough of her and kept coming back for more ZuZu it was so cute..
Taimi would lay out her map and new Minnie doll for every character before they would get to our table. Hahaha most characters were incredible and would get on the floor with her and show her their favorite spots on the map. Taimi would also show them her special blanket and baby sister. All the characters took time for ZuZu which Taimi loved. 
It truly was an unforgettable trip. Mission was accomplished! Our Taimi girl left feeling so special with a car load of memories.

I turn 30 in October (eiyiyi) 2 days later Taimi turns 4. Taimi and I decided we want to celebrate our birthdays in Disneyland.
We can't wait. October can't come soon enough!

Thank Collin and Liz. We couldn't have gone without you.

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charity said...

Amazing! Disney is magical and seeing it through Taimi's eyes is even better! I've never heard a better Disneyland story.