Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The time is coming

Zuzu surgery is scheduled. It's terrifying but we are excited to patch and sew up her precious heart. We are anxious to get her to 100%. 
Her surgery is 8 hours long and recovery for her is estimated to be around a week. Most of that will be in the PICU the rest in the pediatric unit of The Primary Children's Hospital. 
We are also moving AGAIN either right before or immediately after Zuzu's surgery. This is our 12th move in 5 years. I'm not complaining it keeps things new and excited. Not to mention all the lifelong friends we have made. We are moving near the new outlets in Lehi Utah. 
Gosh I don't know where I would be or who I would be without these two.
ZuZu is lucky to have Taimi in her life. Taimi is always so attentive and loving. For the first month and a half after Zuzu was born Taimi couldn't see her. But luckily in the PICU Taimi can have one 10 minute visit a day. I'm sure Taimi's visits will help Zuzu recover quicker.
Father 's day was great. Saturday I took Chris to Tucanos where we stuffed our faces!
We ate a little to much. Chris was about to pop. We were meaning to go to the Orem fair after but thought whirling and twirling after such a large meal was asking for it. And by it I mean barfing all over each other. 

I love this man. So far together, to name a few, we have traveled the world had two beautiful girls moved a dozen times. Been given a daughter with Down Syndrome. Cried laughed prayed screamed and laughed. And we have only been together for 5 years. I can't wait to see what's next.

Taimi and I sent Chris on this awesomely long treasure hunt Sunday morning. I don't know who loved it more, Taimi or Chris. Probably me walking behind them with the biggest grin on my face watching them read each clue and open their next treasure.

I have made it through things the last 9 months that I didn't think I could. With each trial I say to myself "I can't do this" praying " please don't make me so this!" But somehow I do it and somehow I end up being happier then before finding joy in my trial. This life isn't suppose to be easy but we are suppose to find joy and be happy. And with Chris Taimi and Zuzu life couldn't be any other way but joyful and happy. 


Elee said...

Oh Ashley! You can only learn as you go and so far, it looks like you're being a strong person. I'm happy that God blessed you with Zuzu, Taimi, Chris & loving family members who will always be there for you. Keep up the faith & know that He is God. Keep me updated!

Genevive said...

God is in charge. hugs and prayers! stay strong!

Hayley Tucker said...

You're amazing and I feel grateful to witness your faith and strength. ZuZu is the luckiest little girl to have you two as parents.