Friday, November 1, 2013

Please don't apologize

I know everyone means well. and I appreciate all who have reached out to us. Everyone is so supportive and helpful. But there is one piece of advice I would like to share. If you are dealing with the sensitive and alarmingly new experience of getting the chance to welcome a new baby with down syndrome into your family, circle of friends, neighborhood or religious groups please oh please don't apologize!

These parents have been given such a rare and unique opportunity to rear and teach, love and cherish these kids. 
Yes it's hard. Yes it takes a lot of work. Yes its a life long calling. Yes it's new and different. Yes its not at all the way we saw our lives going. But when are those things bad?

 Please don't be sorry for me! I'm not! I wouldn't change my life and MORE IMPORTANT I wouldn't change Zuzu. She is who she is suppose to be and if I changed anything about her I would be changing who she is. I would be changing what makes her special what makes her unique. I would never want that. God made her this way for a reason. Zuzu has a purpose and a mission on this earth that I may never understand or comprehend. And I get a front row seat! 

We have been together for 9 months now and already She is easily the most cuddly baby I have ever held.  So affectionate! so loving! So pure! So angelic! She has the most amazingly perfect features that I would never dream of changing. Her rare cry is honest and true. She is the bravest and strongest little girl I have ever encountered. Her smile lights up any room and warms every heart. She wraps a peaceful and calming blanket around anyone who holds her. She gives me a perspective that changed my life, changed my heart-for the better! If your having a bad day, month or year just come hold Zuzu she makes everything better.

Sometimes I ponder how, there are so few little angels with an extra chromosome running around and I GET TO HAVE ONE OF THEM!  I have been entrusted with this rare opportunity or better yet adventure. So please don't apologize. I'm not sorry. Be happy for me. And help me soak in this girl we call ZuZu. 

***but feel free to be sorry for her heart :) that just stinks!!! Bad!!! ***


Mitzi said...

This is a great post! Love that girl. You were destined to be her can anyone be sorry for that?

I think the intent usually is to convey an idea of support and love, and people just don't quite know what to say to relate those feelings.

Just keep being a great mama to those 2 sweet girls!!!

Dusty McRae said...

What a great post and a true testament of parenthood. Thanks for the updated pics. Oh her SMILE just lights up my screen. Simply precious!!

Ana LuĂ­sa Chibante said...

Amazing to see her pics!!! I always have a look in your blog to see more pics and good news from your family! :)

Jody said...

I have wondered how little Miss Zuzu is doing since her surgery. Looks like she is doing just fine and even better than that! So happy for the joy she brings to life and how she is perfect in her very own way. My own special needs daughter has taught me life lessons that nobody else ever could. Such a gift, and despite the added challenges, it is obvious that she has enhanced my life BECAUSE of her 'disabilities'. Sending you love and happiness as you watch Zuzu grow and enjoy the blessing of her every day! xoxo

Ann Marie Merlino said...

Wow --- that was incredibly beautiful Ashley. Keep sharing, I'm always checking your blog for updates on you and your family!