Tuesday, November 12, 2013

30 Isn't so dirty!!

I turned 30 last month. Which inspired me to make a list of all my accomplishments in my 20's.

These are most of them,
Served a full time mission for my church in Ohio
Got married
Had a baby girl
Traveled the world
Lived in 4 different countries
Traveled and visited over 8 different countries
Given away hundreds of a Books of Mormon
Had another baby girl
Concurred the NICU
Survived through 2 open heart surgeries
Moved over 15 times together
Gained 20 lbs lost in gained it and lost it again (the joys of pregnancy) 
And still in love and happily married 99

This is the first time since 2009 I have been home to celebrate my birthday so naturally my sister decided to wake me up with a dance party and whisk me away to breakfastat 630 AM. It was amazing! Really a lot of fun. It Brought me back to jr high and high school which seemed to have been the theme for the day and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. 
Chris took me shoppig and to the movies during the day with our little peanut Zuzu.

For the rest of the night I really didn't want to celebrate my 30th the way a 30 year old should I wanted to celebrate my birthday the way my 10 year old self would have. Which meant CLASSIC SKATING of course. 

So we skated. And when we got tired of holding up the kids up while they attempted to roller skate they scootered around. We laughed. We got chased my ghouls which rocked my world. We danced. We fell and dag nab it we had the best time doing it. 
I'm so excited to be 30 this decade is going to be amazing.

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