Friday, August 9, 2013

Before and After

It's no secret Boston is the MECCA of medicine with Harvard and MIT along with others jumbled together in one little city. 
For Zuzu, being here in Boston it made and will make all the difference in the world. 
Here is Zuzu after both her surgeries. The one on the left is after her first in SLC.  It's so sad. She is swollen beyond recognition! Not to mention she has a nasty breathing tube in her mouth.
The one on the left is right after surgery here in Boston. You can see for yourself the huge difference being here makes. 
Primary's sent Zuzu home in heart failure. She was starting to swell, her skin was getting dusky, her breathing was very labored, she was losing weight. she hasn't gained not even a pound in over 3 months. Her heart was swelling. 
Any way, when we arrived in Boston they ran some tests that measure the pressure on both sides of her heart both going in and coming out. Zuzu's was in the 30's before surgery. And as you can see now around 7-10. (6-9 for her age is normal)
This was the size of her heart before and right after surgery. I'm sure it's gone down a little more. 

So as you can see we are thrilled with the results. Zuzu is doing spectacular, probably because she is spectacular!
We just wish we could have avoided this second surgery all together. 


Dusty McRae said...

Oh Thank God! What a blessing,

Jody said...

It has to be encouraging to you for her to be in the best place and this time in her life. I never understand why we go through the hard stuff in life~ especially when it means suffering and pain for our kids! But I do know that it is an opportunity to grow, to learn, to dig deep, to lean on faith and hope and love and so many other "good" things too. I have often wondered that if we simply have the definition of 'suffering' all wrong, and maybe it is the one thing in life that helps to ensure we become the 'best' creations that God designed us to be. I could be wrong. But suffering does hold it's share of beauty. And Zuzu is no exception to that truth. May you find joy and beauty~ even in the hospital setting. I hope you get some good tasting food too. Maybe not from inside the hospital, but from what I hear, Boston has some good eats. Take care! xoxo

Krista said...

Praise God!!!!!

Jodi said...

I can feel your frustration regarding the first surgery and it not going as well as hoped. I'm happy Zuzu is in the right hands now, and doing so well. Hugs to you all.

Pauline Parker said...

So good to hear that your little blessing is doing so very well. Thank you God that the correct people were put in her path to make her get well. I believe that every little soul is a blessing from God and it is our privilege to learn from them and to teach them. This little one is surely teaching you all!

Ana Luísa Chibante said...

I am very happy with the good news! Our family wishes all the best and waiting for more good news!

Anonymous said...

That is the most fantastic news! I have been thinking about zuzu and praying for her and what a fighter she is! So happy for you and sending loads of good wishes your way.