Sunday, August 25, 2013

My boy turns 27

Chris and I love dancing and singing to Bruno Mars so awhile back I bought him Tickets to Bruno Mars for his birthday. I surprised him the night before the concert. He was shocked for a few reasons 1. His birthday wasn't for another week. 2. Because we were leaving the following morning for Boston. 3. Because we were leaving that morning for Boston. 

The first 30 minutes or so he was on the phone talking to clients. But my quiet patience paid off while I waiting till he was done. Just trying to be a good wife.

We needed it! We needed some alone time to sweat, scream, sing and dance. And oh did we dance! 

It was so nice to let a few of our worries and some heavy weight we were carrying go for a few hours. 

This heart reminded me of Zuzu. I was crazy about it the whole show. 

I have to hand it to Bruno and his crew cause we had the time of our lives. It was more like a dance party then a concert and he was hilarious! 

Did I mention we were on the 10 row??

He even played a few covers that were not his which was great to hear and sing. Poor Chris is so tall and so nice so he spent a lot of the time sitting on the seat. But even when he does that we are still eye to eye. 
My souvenir cup.

We were in traffic for a good 50 minutes. So we talked and laughed. The traffic was a great part of our night. 

We took the Mustang so it was a party the whole way home. 

We celebrated his real birthday in Boston. Highlights include bucks, Z, daughter of China, subway, and hospital food. (Insides jokes)

Happy birthday Chris! Every year you get better and better. 

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Dusty McRae said...

So glad you guys got to get out and paint the town. Great Pics!!