Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My better half is fearless

Chris knew Zuzu would need a lot of attention, doctor visits, surgeries and therapy. Chris also knew a 9-5 was going to keep him from most of those things. 
Chris is devoted! Devote to God. Devoted to family. And devoted to his role as a husband and father. So he did what most men would do and started something amazing out of thin air.

He started his own company. He even slapped his name on the title. He is so fearless. And totally put himself out there! Amazing! I wish I was more like him. 
The company is a basketball academy that tailors to the individual. Chris takes hard working kids and makes them so much better. He takes goals and helps kids reach them. He takes desire and creates passion. He takes frustration and replaces it with love for the game. He molds these kids into something amazing. And Chris does It with such ease, care, positivity, and Understanding.
It's inspiring and fun to watch. 3 friends didn't make the team last year so naturally they started working with Chris. We are happy to report they all made a team this year. And it's all cause of their hard work mingled with Chris training motivation and direction. One high schooler was CUT from the varsity HS team but he kept working with Chris. Where is he now? On a full ride scholarship at the University of anchorage Alaska

Chris put his dreams on hold (playing professionally) and put his family first. A righteous desire that blesses us tremendously. 

We started with one gym in Lindon. And now we have grown to 4 gyms throughout Utah county and hope to expand further south.  We just teamed up with Aces Athletics in Lehi on Traverse Mountain. 

In the last year we have moved to France and back again. Had a baby. Baby had 2 heart surgeries. Moved again but this time 3 cities over. And Started company. And I wonder why this year has flown by! seriously where does the time go. we hope to go back to Europe next year mostly because in Europe time stands still. Everything and everyone moves slower so time moves a bit like a turtle. And I love that. 
But in the mean time CMBA welcome to the family. 

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Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog for awhile-through your sister's blog:) Then I followed your blog to watch your amazing baby story. Just today I read your last post- and it's a small world! My husband is the men's basketball coach for the University of Alaska, Anchorage!! Which player came from your husband's camps? I haven't met the players yet, as school just started and I was actually in Orem, UT getting my son in college until a few weeks ago. It's crazy, all the connections! Staci Osborne

Anonymous said...

How is little Zuzu doing?