Sunday, August 25, 2013

Not suffice

 Hand drawn by my brother Kevin Cassin Jr. @lilboyillinois 

We would like to express our pure and complete gratitude for those who donated to help With Zuzu's surgery expenses! With the biggest all 4 of us can muster THANK YOU!! 

Zuzu's surgery was a success. She is one of 14 in the world who have this new melody valve replaced in the mitral position in the heart. The valve is made out of the vein of a cows jugular. Because of it She is breathing effortlessly, eating great, and finally growing! 

What's next for Zuzu? Once a year for the next few years as Zuzu grows She will need to go back to Boston to get the valve dilated bigger through a catheter. Eventually the valve will need to be replaced. However hopefully by that time they will have better options for Zuzu. 

Thanks to this new breakthrough surgery Zuzu will have significantly fewer open heart surgeries, Quicker recovery time, Half a daily aspirin instead of a daily shot to regulate her blood, No oxygen! No diarrhetics, all round a much better quality of life and a significantly reduced risks of blood clots!

Zuzu was the first in utah to get this worldwide breakthrough surgery and is now bringing the surgery to her home state which will bless many many people. 

thank you for playing a huge part! Thank you again from the top to bottom of our hearts. We will forever be grateful for your kind generosity, especially our little Zuzu!  

Love, Chris Ashley Taimi and 

I wish I could meet with all of you personally and somehow show you how much it means to us. Thanks again

5 comments: said...

Wonderful! She is so cute and brave everything to continue getting better, because you all deserve! As they say here in Portugal: We wish all the best! :)

Dusty McRae said...

What GREAT news!! I pray for continued blessings in her recovery time and as she grows and reaches her next milestones. She has shown to be such a trooper thru all of this, I pray also for you and your family as you are there to be the love and support system for your precious little ZUZU. Big Hugs!

Megan said...

I am so incredibility happy for you and your family. It is a wonderful miracle that she is doing so well. I will cherish my lovely heart necklace that I received and think of your brave Zuzu every time I wear it.

Pauline Parker said...

Wonderful news. It is fantastic to think that your little soul is going to be responsible for training doctors and saving lives of many people. Blessings to you all from New Zealand. Kia Kaha (Be strong)

Krista said...

Thrilled for Zuzu and all of you. I hope you'll be able to update often though I know life is chaotic and other things take priority. I pray that angel of yours continues to thrive!