Saturday, September 4, 2010

First Friendly Game, Inside the Castle, and OLD TOWN SQUARE

These Bom-Bar's are Taimi's favorite snack she will eat them anytime and place in any quantity. Here she is with her Bom-Bars watching Daddy play his first "friendly (pre-season) game"
No backs to the benches...I mean really after all these years we still dont get a back rest
There he goes number 12
Club Kolin the team and the coach
They won by like 50 it was 90 something to 30 something
and they had to jump rope and run stairs after...I mean seriously?
We just arrived in Prague to go to Old Town Square. I have been dying to go since we arrived...I was SOOO excited
This place is by far my favorite place in Prague there is so much to do and see and the cutest buildings surrounded by castles it's remarkable
They have a bunch of these around Prague it's very peculiar. Chris wants to go in by I refuse.
the very famous astronomical clock
We spent the whole night in the old square. here we are eating dinner Chris had ribs and pickles I had goulash and dumplings our view was priceless dinner was 50 bucks...such a ripoff

everywhere you turn there is another beautiful castle or building I LOVED IT

They are known for their lace and crystal...please Chris for my birthday...a girl can hope right
they have the greatest music playing all around the square from all ages its awesome

This thing is frickin sweet!! It's a bicycle that sits like 6 or 7. everyone peddles and one person cool is that. We are hoping to persuade the missionaries to go on a ride with us, we just need 5 or so more people.
And than we went back to the Prague Castle to venture inside
This is from the balcony from the castle the view was so great

along the outside of the castle...outside or inside you can't go wrong

there are guards no mind.
the castle is so massive it's hard to comprehend.
It was so beautiful
There was so much stuff to look at and we didn't know what any of it was...but we enjoyed every bit of it
they have a cryptic area and...well...ya...thats a tomb pretty cool but really old so kind of creepy

And those are just a few more of our adventures....more to come!!


nicole said...

I love your hat. It is so cute!

KaSs MiLeS said...

I love your hat, so cute. 12 is a great number, I think it's lucky. :) glad you guys still have time to be together, that would be hard to be somewhere so foreign and not have time together. We miss you guys.

Kat Clark said...

I wonder if it all still feels like a really long vacation or if you finally feel like this is your new home? I have to say, you are the MOST optimistic person in the world! I love getting to see this adventure through such happy eyes! :)

Sarah and Desmond said...

What a neat experience, and even better SO glad you guys are ENJOYING it!

Sarah said...

How fun for you to be traveling all over Europe. Me and Tiff went to Praque and we loved it!! Such a beautiful city, we even have funny pics standing next to the guards. How fun!!!