Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The joys of day to day life

Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus aka German Goldsmith House
This is the old town hall and it's also the view from my bedroom window and our porch.
We have a buzzer that we use to buzz people in to our apartment. WE LOVE USING IT. And we get to quite a bit because we have the missionaries over a ton!
The first thing I do when I wake up is pull open the blinds so I can see outside.
It's FINALLY getting super warm so so Taim loves to go and climb up and over those stairs and roam around the little town hall square.
We love where we live! We have a little Italian restaurant where Chris and I can eat for free literally 15 steps from our front door. It's so nice and delicious. It's owed by two brothers who are real Italians who just moved from Italy a few years ago. It's funny sometimes I dont know if they are speaking Italian or German...pretty sweet! Every time we go they give Taimi 2 or 3 lolly pops they love little Taimi.
This is the
Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus there is a well right in the middle of the little sqaure and a HUGE park the Congress park right around the corner. The team couldn't have picked a better spot to place us. Right behind the
Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus there is a huge church with a bell tower so we get to enjoy the beautiful bells it's really awesome.
The team gave us a house warming bucket full of various little gagets and goodies. This was among many other things. We were out of milk and found this in the bucket. Milch & Honig is Milk and Honey so we thought maybe this would hold Taimi over until we run to the store. I asked Chris to just taste it first cause thats a super weird packaging for milk. He squirted a bunch in his mouth than RAN to the bathroom and started gaging and spitting. hahahaha turns out it's soap. Next time we will read the rest of the packaging and make sure we understand cause Creme Seife is cream soap :) sorry honey! At least we saved Taimi from being traumatized from her favorite sippy cup.

Monday we took 2 sets of missionaries to a great place called Warzburg it was wonderful to spend time with the missionaries. That night we went grocery shopping cause we had the team VW van so we took advantage of not having to haul or groceries home by hand. Chris went to practice. Taimi and I were asleep before he got home due to our long day with the missionaries.

Tuesday the bishop picked us up and took us to his tiny town called Nidderau. IT's the most perfect german town ever. I can't wait to post pictures. They have a witch tower where they used to torture people suspected of witch insane! They fed us lunch and we spent a lot of time with their family. Tuesday night we had the missionaries over. Elder Vail is being transfered which is sad we will miss him.

Today we got up gave Taimi a bath and mopped the floors. Than we walked to the market to buy our favorite cremey cheese and fresh bread along with nougat loafs and doughnuts. I can't believe I need to be in a bathing suit soon I really need to avoid the bakeries.

We just found out Chris has a week or so off the last week of Feburary and we are definitely going somewhere...any suggestions??


Anonymous said...

That "soup" is actually soap. :) That type of packaging is used to refill the plastic containers with pumps.

Check out is you need to translate German words.

Gabe, Melissa, and Jace said...

Looks like you guys are having a blast! That's so awesome. Paris sounded amazing. That is cool that the light twincle I had no idea. Glad you guys are doing good and enjoying your area! Love ya