Monday, February 7, 2011

Paris I LoVe you Disneyland Paris I miss you!

I am having THEE hardest time uploading photos on my blog :(
but for anyone who is interested they are all up on our Facebook

This weekend was incredible! I never thought any of it was possible...but we made it possible.

We first headed to Luxembourg it's country in Europe.
We heard it was incredible so we were going to stay the night there but we weren't to impressed so we ate dinner at Quick burger than we headed two stores down and ate again at McDonald's :) we were hungry.
We let Taimi run around for awhile and than we packed the car
plugged PARIS FRANCE into the GPS and were on our way. We went through Belgium to get to France so that day we were in 4 different countries...cRaZy.

Chris and I LOVE Love love road trips together we never have music playing if we do it's just for a song or two we spend the whole time telling stories of our childhood and missions, asking probing questions, reminiscing about the last 3 years planning the next 10. The hours in the car and definitely never to be forgotten and sometimes they are some of our favorite.

The time went pretty quick we pulled into Paris when it was dark and lit up.

Man I thought Prague was my favorite city in Europe but Paris might have taken the title I just haven't decided yet.

We were driving downtown Paris trying to find the hotel we booked in the car about 10 minutes prior when I saw it...
my jaw dropped and I couldn't talk...I saw the Eiffel Tower.
It was all lit up and absolutely magnificent.
I couldn't take my eyes off it

until we passed Notre Dame now that is something else too.

Anyway our hotel is right next to the tower so it was in our site for awhile.
Until all a sudden the tower started to twinkle and sparkle unlike anything I have ever seen

Hundreds of thousand of lights were rocking my world.
I was screaming "whats going on" "what is happening" it was just incredible.

Finally we came to a light
and me in all my excitement just jumped out of the car at the intersection with no shoes no jacket and just ran towards the tower...what was I thinking?
I wasn't! The only thing on my mind was "I have to get closer"

So I did!

Chris some how managed to do a quick u-turn and park RIGHT in front of the tower.
It was love at first site.
After a while of me marveling at this incredible tower
I turn to look at the other side of the street and there is this enchanting carousal and beautiful bridge adorned with statues which were all also so incredible and just adding to the excitement.

Finally we decided to go find our hotel and check in.
So we did but right after we headed back to the tower.
From 7pm-1am on the hour for 5 minutes it twinkles and we weren't going to miss it. Unfortunately we missed the 12am twinkle so we walked around the town for awhile and went and sat under the tower until 1.

However this time the tower exceeded all of my expectations.
At 1 am on the dot the entire tower went pitch black.

And than it happened it dazzled like a billion shooting stars in the sky.

You see the other time we saw it twinkle they also kept the normal lights on but this time they only left the twinkling lights on.

WOW oh WOW oh WOW it is something to be seen.
I was in a complete awe we all were even little Taimi couldn't believe her eyes.
After the 5 minutes the whole tower went black and that was the end of it.

We walked and strolled Taimi around the town for another hour or so and just talked. Than we headed back to our hotel. The hotels there are so tiny it's crazy even the hallways and elevators are so small we all barely fit in one with the stroller.

In the morning we went and got some food at a little corner bakery and headed to see the sites. We ended at the Luve. Which also is just overwhelming.

And than we decided to head to DISNEYLAND PARIS!!
Why not right?
So after taking the parking ticket of our dash...we get one everywhere we go we were on our way.

I can't be so close to Disneyland and not go I really can't it's like it draws me to it, it calls my name.

So we went and it to was incredible.
However they didn't have my churros which I love so much and the workers were not as friendly but other than that it was...well...Disneyland!

The castle is incredible and they have a ride called "Alice's curious Labyrinth"
which was my favorite.
Alice's Adventures in wonderland is one of my favorite books so that is why.

Some of the rides are the same but most are a little different.
We had the best of times!!
Really we did!!
And had the best conversations the ride seemed only a few hours.

We will most definitely be going back especially to Disneyland we only had to pay 40 Euros each can you believe that??

What a deal!


Kayla R. said...

That sounds amazing!!!!

Daryl and McCall said...

amazing. mccall and I have actually been to Paris yet your post made it feel new again! It's so fun to see Europe from your point of view! So glad you and Chris are making the most of LIFE! How incredible. McCall and I love you guys TONS and pray for your safety often! Keep having so much fun and soaking in the happiness from life!