Thursday, February 10, 2011

Paris 1 of 2 **LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT**

So you know the whole story from the post about 3 days ago. This picture was right after I ran across the intersection with no coat no shoes.

Luckily Chris thinks on his feet or rather in the car seat and immediately did a U-Turn so we didn't lose each other.

After this picture we went to go find our hotel. One thing about Paris is every street looks the same you wouldn't believe how easy it is to get lost. We had to remember the most random things while we walked around at night so we would be able to find our way back to our hotel.

Chris and I were not tired at all we were to full of excitement so we spent most the night hanging out at the Eiffel Tower literally hours because the next day we had other things to see. I am just glad we got to see the tower at night rather than in the day.

Taimi loved Paris she had so much fun...much more fun than I expected her to have. The tower was probably her favorite.

This is what the tower looked like at 1am on the dot. Words can't describe it and a picture can't capture it. You are just going to have to go to Paris and see it for's well worth it I promise you that.

I had a hard time sleeping that night and not just because our bed was tiny and all three of us were sleeping in it but because Paris had a strong hold of my heart I didn't want to miss a second.

Like I said the bed was a bit small :)

You can see the tower in the back ground way back there. The buildings in Prague had more detail and different colors the ones in Paris are all a creamish grey thats one of the biggest differences that I could see.
Notre Dame it was pretty sweet the back of the church was my favorite. We loved going here because Chris had me watch the hunchback of Notre Dame during Christmas break and the bells rang while we were there so that was pretty exciting. We were calling out from Quazimoto but I guess he couldn't hear us.
Seriously there are always a big group of cute people who will follow us around while they take video and pics of Taimi. In the Luve it was really bad they have a elevator that is open, there is no top it's just a round little thing you stand on. Anyway Taimi and I went down it and everyone was snapping shots of her it was so funny. Here is one of those groups. I wanna play basketball in a place where the people are as happy and nice as these ones.
The Luve was massive. I am going back to Paris and spending my whole time in the Luve it's only 10 Euros for entrance which is so reasonable.
Paris magical dear Paris
I will dream of you until we meet again.

**Tomorrow I will post pics of Disneyland Paris**
Oh how I love Disneyland Paris


Nicole Christensen said...

I love your adventures. Isnt Paris a wonder? I loved being there, and would LOVE nothing more than to take Dane, someday. Love you guys,

Friederike said...

You HAVE to go back because as far as I can tell by the pictures you missed one of the most beautiful places: Montmartre! With the "Sacre Coeur" on top! The most beautiful view over Paris you can ever get. There is a little square behind the curch with tons of talented artists and narrow streets... beautiful!

Kelli and/or Kyle said...

Oh those pictures made me so sad! I loved Paris and I want to go back so bad! Your pictures are gorgeous. I'm super jealous! Although, I must say my hotel in Paris was a bit cooler--jk--it had bunk beds and everything was neon pink and teal! But I got SUPER lost there too!