Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A song can mean so much

**A walk down memory lane** (things I hope I posted about but not sure)

Chris has games every now and then on Sundays I remember the first time Chris had a game on Sunday it was only the SECOND time we made the journey to church and Taimi and I were doing it ALONE in the snow with no GPS or phone.

Driving in Europe especially in those HUGE crazy cities where streets are going in every which direction, most are one ways, but sometimes there is no way to tell. The streets signs are confusing and trollys that drive in the middle of the street along side the cars are so intimidating. The freeways are daunting and overwhelming it seems at times there are a billion different freeways going every direction.

I woke up really early to make sure I had everything I need Chris was super tired that morning so I tried to get Taimi and myself ready while still making sure I have everything I need for the trip. I left feeling a little alone Chris was barley awake before I left so i didn't get much of a goodbye or encouragement. Which I understand he was tired and had a big game ahead of him.

I left in a rush making sure I had enough time in case I got lost. Once I was already to far to turn around I realized I forgot our one phone we have. So if something were to happen I would have no way to contact anyone no numbers no information not even an idea of how I could get such information.

I made it to Prague but once I got into Prague I was so terrified.

I took a few wrong turns and had no idea where I was going.
I went down a few roads I wasn't suppose to go down with people honking and yelling at me in Czech I started to feel even more alone. For the 15th time that morning I said another prayer in hopes the Lord would continue to protect us and help us make it safe.

FINALLY I saw the Prague castle something that was familiar. It seems sometimes in those town everything looks the same so something that was familiar to me meant everything. With a sigh of relief I headed in that direction. I parked down the road from the church in a little parking lot. With my diaper bag on my back and my child in my arms walking in the wind and snow we made it!!
The chapel was PACKED as it always is with members, visitors and investigators their are 16 missionaries TOTAL who attend that branch. And their were no more translators they go fast. It was only my second week so I was a little timid still trying to figure things out not knowing anyone in the ward quite yet.

This american gentleman named ED kindly got up gave me his translator and guided me to his seat. I sat down with a heavy heart as the pianist started to play my ALL TIME FAVORITE hymn #169 As Now We Take The Sacrament.

I started to cry and cry and cry nearly uncontrollably. Taimi was very still through the whole song giving me a blessed and coincidental opportunity to reconfirm in my heart how undoubtedly my Heavenly Father loves me and is aware of me.

That something as little as a sacramental song can mean so much. My heart was overflowing it was a moment I will truly never forget. The rest of the songs that whole day were all my favorite. I was recharged and truly happy it didn't matter that on our way home from church we got lost for a good 1.5 hours but we finally made it home.

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