Friday, March 11, 2011

Did you know...

Here in Germany a 1.5 liter of water, soda, juice whatever your hearts desire cost only about 19 cents! Yep thats right folks 19 cents. They even have a drink called Cola-Mix it's a cola orange soda mix...don't knock it till you guzzle it.
If the bottle has a symbol that looks just like this one. You can take it to your local grocery store...
Stick it in one of these machines that will scan the bottle and crush it so it can be recycled.
You get 25 cents back!!
Can you believe it?
I pay 19 cents and get 25 back when I recycle it. The bottles are worth more empty.
How cool is that! Talk about motivation to recycle.
When you are done scanning all your empty bottles into the machine you push the little green button and it will print off a receipt that you can bring to the cashier in the front of the store. You can either buy groceries with it or use it to go towards groceries...or in our case chocolate and haribo gummy candy :)
Speaking of grocery stores Chris and I were at the checkout about ready to pay when we both smelt something so rank so foul worse than dung worse than an over flowing outhouse.
You get the point.
I thought it was the old lady in front of me she looked like a cat lady who might not have enough litter boxes.
When all a sudden the check out lady lunges for a man who is about to walk out with his pockets full of hard liquor.
Turns out the smell we smelt was this man who walked it grabbed some of Grandpa's old cough medicine and tried to make it past the lady at the register.
He had no idea what was going on as the seasoned lady man handled him I didn't think she had it in her.
Poor guy didn't need any more to drink just a bath.


Amy and Andrew said...

hahaha that story is hilarious!!!

Jonathan and Kiri said...

haha gross!!! But awesome news about the bottles, that's such a great way to get a discount on groceries! (or chocolates and gummies)

Cummards said...

SICK! Do you ever notice as soon as you get on your flight to fly over the ocean, it always SMELLS! I don't know about over there, but over here I think half the reason they smell is because they dress for a blizzard when its beach then they sweat, and sweat mixed with no shower just stinks!

The recycling machines were the best. So convenient that you actually would do it! And everything you drink comes from a bottle so you have tons of them. Wish we had the recycling thing in France!

eyelift said...

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eyelift said...

Really good post. This is really good news. The story is really funny.