Tuesday, June 28, 2011

End of Season Celebration 3 of 3

I miss our neighborhood. I miss walking around with Chris and Taimi. We didn't have a car the last 4 months in Germany so eventually found all the shortcuts, playgrounds and hidden boutiques.

This picture is of our beautiful neighborhood right outside of the Italian restuarant that we frequantly eat at.
I took this picture from my bedroom window. Italy visited our little square selling cookies, soaps, dry pasta, oil and a ton of other various things.
down the street a bit on other side was live entertainment and food vendors selling none other than brawtwusts :)
This square is used a lot during the summer we were sad we are going to miss most of it.

The team did a promotion at our local mall where they signed autographs the dancers danced there was food and music.The team threw a great party at the end of the season in a resturant called the Juan Arena which Chris and I also eat at frequantly. There was more free food and drinks and a great live band that sung all AMERICAN classics.

Lional and Taimi grew close we are really going to miss this candy lovin teddy bear

We danced the night away

Hubert you sly dog you how did you get in this picture

the man in the hat is Chris's assistant coach...great guy Taimi calls him Uncle Hubert and Hubert calls her Tawnia....lol

Anyone who knows me knows that lack of a crowd doesn't keep me away from a dance floor so even through at times it was only Taimi and I dancing we still ripped a whole in the rug

That room behind the glass is where the VIP people were (teammates coachs and family)

Chris did the Limbo....sort of

It was a great way to end the season.

And we are so excited to say we will be returning to Hanau for one more year.

Hanau we anxiously await our return some time at the beginning of August.

...until then we will soak up our family and friends.

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