Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Last Away Game Celebration 2 of 3

The last game was in a the OLDEST city in Germany Terre (?sp). It's was gorgeous. Taimi and I got to ride with Chris to the game in the team bus which was new and exciting.

While the boys warmed up and got ready for the game Taimi and 2 of my friends went and explored the city.

They LOVE their noisemakers here especially these drums.
You will find dozens of them being pounded around the gym during a game which makes it fun for Taimi unless she is tired

Taimi loves these two. They are so cute with her.

After the game we all got in our cars and headed to Chris's head coach Hans family's winery.

We drove about 30 minutes wrapped around a mountain and arrived.

In front of each person there were 3 beauitful wine glasses and 3 different bottles of juice.

White Grape Juice

Purple Grape Juice

and Apple Juice

Let me tell you all three were amazing.

Of course we can't forget the bubble water that you are to mix with the juice.

We all drank juice. Enjoyed each others company told storied and ate delcious food.

This is what they cooked the meat on...mmmmmmmm good.

We even got to see how and where the wine was made which was very interesting.

Coach Hans brings us the freshest of Apple Juice every now and than to practice.

It's seriously lip smacking good.

FYI anyone who comes visits us we get bottles for :)

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