Thursday, September 29, 2011

Silly Taimi and a little TroLoLo

You know the magnetic alphabet that you spend more time picking up off the floor than your child spends playing with them. Well today I watched Taimi has she took them off the fridge one by one and put them in her shirt. I love watching her when she doesn't know I am watching.
Once she completed this strange but adorable task she went over to where Dad was and gave him a big hug she loved the surprise on his face when he heard the clanking noise in her shirt. Than she had him reach in her shirt to pull them out one by one. Once he would take one out she would yank it out of his hand and toss it behind her until the task was completed.
And that was that.
I wish I knew when goes on in that little head.

Daddy left for practice he gave a kiss to the both of us and told us he loves us...than the sincere reply.
"Bye Dada, I love you"
We love that we can finally understand whats coming out of her mouth

Taimi and I watch our first Christmas movie today. We usually wait until at least after her and I's birthdays but what the heck Mickey's twice upon a Christmas is so cute.

Oh and I nearly peed my pants watching this
and than I did pee my pants watching Chris reenact it out for me.

You too can trololo it's a riot don't be shy!

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