Saturday, November 5, 2011

Amazing Day/Night

Today we had a baptism of one of our friends Eric. He is from Ghana. Chris was asked to give a talk on the Holy Ghost which was pretty cool. It was a great baptism. After the baptism we went and ate at KFC than got a few groceries.
At around 4pm Taimi and I braved the 9 passanger van to our chapel in Offenbach.
WHY you may ask?
"well now I'll tell ya" (in Lotso the bear's voice)
If you don't watch Toy Story 3 never mind...
President Uchtdorf last minute organized a fireside for the members here in Deutschland.
It's his birthday tomorrow.
What better place to celebrate than his native land.
We had translators it was neat to hear him speak in German.
He is from Darmstadt which is a short distance from here and also where he will be speaking again tomorrow. We are so going. Chris had a game so it was just Taimi and I tonight.
My cute friend Leslie and her two girls joined us it was a great GNO.
Taimi and I arrived at 4:30pm the fireside didn't start till 7...yikes!
I went so early to make sure I had enough room to park our honker of a van AND to sit at the feet of this marvelous man....literally.
During the hymns Taimi likes to stand on my lap and follow the chorister. She waves her hand back and forth it's so cute. Tonight during the closing Hymn Taimi like she does followed the chorister so while cute little Taimi was doing here thing President Uchtdorf was charmed by her enthusiasm and perseverance (it was a long song) watching her with his familiar bright grin.
After the fireside he went from person to person. His path was coming right for us. I like to think it was deliberate, he wanted to meet the kinder chorister (kinder is child in German)
He finally looked our way and came to say hi. He shook our hands Taimi also got a high five.
He was speaking to us in German I was so happy and flabbergasted that it took me a second to inform him that we only speak English.
He was the most loving man his eyes are pure and incredibly beautiful so piercing.
What a great night.
I can't wait for tomorrow to do it all over again.
What a nice man to take time out of his trip to uplift us all and make us feel special.

Chris's game was amazing they lost but Chris had a great performance. He had 3 amazing dunks blocked about 5 shots and a ton of points and rebounds. He is so excited and happy about it. I am sad I missed it.


Chelsea said...

What an amazing opportunity!

Gabe, Melissa, and Jace said...

Wow that's so awesome! That's a once in a lifetime opportunity. I love Pres Uchdorf! That's so cool he was so friendly with everyone and came and shook your hand. Jealous!

Jonathan and Kiri said...

What an incredible experience!! I can only imagine how special that night was. I'm not at all surprised at how charming Taimi was :) She's so adorable! What a good thing you arrived so early too. I hope the next night was just as wonderful. Congrats to Chris! It's never fun to lose but it is nice when you can feel good about the performance anyway. Tell the fam hi from Jonathan and me!