Thursday, November 10, 2011

Beautiful Sundays

We can't park our van outside our little flat cause it's a pedestrian only area. We park the van about a 5 minute or more walk away. So about 10:30am we head out the door and make our way to our vehicle to go to church.
We pass by a little stream with ducks and swans.
So after church and after we get a bit to eat we head over to feed the ducks and swans
She looks so grown up with her little backpack on I can hardly stand it.
She can spell her name "T-A-I-M-I that's me Taimi"
She sings her ABC's and every time she sees an advertisement she tries to spell it out
"ATVSTUNV" as she points to the word. She is of course always way off but I will give her credit she usually gets the T's right.
She has really learned to pucker out that bottom lip when she wants her way.
It gets Daddy every single time. Can you blame him?
To get to the ducks and mutant swans
(they are unusually huge and scare the bogs out of me)
We have to trounce through this roughage.
At lease she always has hand to hold.
I had to wibble wobble my way through in my wedge boots.
I don't think this girl is afraid of anything.
I on the other hand stayed about this far away the whole time.
She reminds myself of my Sister Liz she always seems so fearless
I hope this never changes
To be fearless is to be FULL OF FAITH!
I am absolutely in love with this picture.
It captures my heart.
This one too.
soooooo much!
I hope you always run to me.

So Sunday we went and heard President Uchtdorf speak again in his home town and Chris got to meet him this time :) it was great to be there all together

One more thing....
We have big news Chris Taimi and I,
will be hopping on a big giant plane December 18th headed for Utah.
We get to come home for Christmas for 2 full weeks!
I haven't stopped smiling since I saw our itinerary in Chris's inbox.


Gabe, Melissa, and Jace said...

Yay yay yay!! We're so excited! I was hoping you'd be able to come home. Can't wait to see you guys. Those pictures are all so adorable. I love Taimis outfit. Love you guys!

Jonathan and Kiri said...

I'm so in love with these pictures! They are so so so sweet. You guys are the sweetest family. Taimi just keeps growing and growing and growing! She does look SOOO old with her backpack. I bet you just want to scream "slow down!" haha Congrats again on going home for Christmas. What a wonderful Christmas present for you guys AND your family!