Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend at a glance

This weekend Chris had Friday and Saturday off which was so incredibly nice. Taimi is under the weather so we stayed close to home both days.

Friday we roamed around our cute little city window shopping trying to get some good ideas for Christmas gifts. Than we went to our local park kicked, pushed, shuffled with our feet a bunch of leaves into one pile hoping Taimi would have a good time playing in them. All she wanted to do was go down the slide so after we did that. We got a bunch of take out came home and stuffed our faces while watching Fred Clause.

Saturday we started packing a little to come home for Christmas (we are a little excited) than we packed lunches and snacks and made our way to the Hessen Center. An indoor mall. We felt right at home with the decorations and such it was marvelous. They don't have nearly as many indoor malls as we do back home. They are kind of hard to find. We spent a good 4 hours there.

We stopped to get some gelato about 2 hours later Chris realized he couldn't find his wallet. With prayers on our lips and in our hearts Chris went back to trace our steps. About 2 hours lapsed since we last saw the wallet so he had a lot of steps to trace. All I could think was how in the world are we going to pay for parking and get out of here? Paying for parking is all done by machines.

About 30 minutes later I see my cute husband looking for me close to where he left me with a big bulge in his pocket and a million dollar smile on his face. He found the information desk the lady working spoke no english so looking for someone to help him explain the situation and with his emotions soaring high 10 or so people started to crowd in to see what this American giant of a man was trying to explain. Finally someone stepped in to help...once the lady revealed the black leather wallet the crowd applauded and cheered...funny huh? I wish I could have seen it. Not a penny was missing. Bless that persons sweet heart! There are so many good people in this world.

I was called into primary and today was our primary program. It was fantastic. I loved it. My girls did amazing! What was even nicer is Taimi slept through the whole program so I could sit on the stand without her wanting to run up and down the stairs and Chris got to just sit and enjoy it.

Chris is at a game in Frankfurt today. So Taimi and I are making a countdown paper chain, reading books, and watching Mickey's twice upon a Christmas her new favorite movie.
Taimi has been waking up at 5am so hopefully we can squeeze a nap in there somewhere.

**wish for snow**


KaSs MiLeS said...

That's so funny everyone applauded. Hahaha. Glad you weren't missing anything! That would have been a nightmare to replace everything from another country!

Jonathan and Kiri said...

No way?! You found it?! The power of prayer! That is pretty darling that they all applauded. What a fun weekend - and I think it's pretty funny you have already started packing. But when you're that excited - WHY NOT? Hopefully you ended up getting a nap in there. 5 am?? Sheesh! That is one early-riser!