Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pure white flaky dreams

The earth has so much beauty
I rank it as such
MY TOP 3 in order from least to greatest
3. Oceans
2. Sunsets

I am from head to tiny toe in love with snow!
I love the way it makes me feel. I love the way it drapes over everything, I love how fresh it makes the air, I love how it tastes, I love the sound when you walk on it or the silence as it falls and I love how it smells (yes I think it has a smell)
Sadly...wait let me rephrase that, tragically I have only seen snow flutter and fall 4 times this year FOUR!!
When it starts to snow I feel so giddy and excited my heart races I get a little anxious wondering how long it will last, if it will stick or if once they softly land will that be the end of it.

We live in this beautiful old city right in the square.
One of Hanau's most historic buildings is right outside my bedroom window. At night there is a big spot light that shines from our rooftop onto the old city hall building or rather Monday night right on my snow flakes

I laid in bed maybe an hour or two watching the snowflakes fighting off the sleep in my eyes for fear of missing the snow afraid that when I wake up the snow will be gone and I would have to wait another 9 months or so to see them again.

I love to single out a snow flake and watch where it will go, how long it will take the find the most perfect spot to land. Some of the snow flakes take their time and some drop like they weight a ton doing a free fall.

When I woke up Tuesday morning (valentines day) it was snowing again.
Chris was up before I was and knows very darn well that if it is snowing to wake me up IMEDIATLY no matter the time. So he did.
He raised my half of the bed into an incline sat me up in bed and handed me a plate of one of my favorite all time foods pancakes (some even had bananas) YUM

After we took Taimi to a play date with Isaac and headed to the Frankfurt LDS temple to do a session it was amazing!
Chris and I spent the whole snowy afternoon together it was blissful.
details to come


Chelsea said...

I agree about oceans, sunsets and snow being the most beautiful things! Wow, your home looks like something out of a fairy tale!

Daryl and McCall said...

Amazing! guys need to give us deets on Disneyland chica. What dates? Who with?