Saturday, March 31, 2012

All Roads Lead to Rome

There is a saying how you could spend a lifetime in Rome and you still wouldn't have enough time to see everything there is to see.
In Rome there are 700 + churches if you spent one year and saw 17 or so churches every week you would barely have enough time to see them all.
We had 2 days!
We missed our train from Pistoia so Jonathan and Kiri drove us to Florence to catch our next train to Rome.
The train ride was perfect we sat across from some Japanesse people who thought Chris played for the NBA no matter how many times Chris tried to explain to him that he plays professionally in Europe he seemed to be even more amazed and impressed at how he played in the NBA and Europe hahah it was so cute.
Right off the train we hopped on our tour bus.
Totally sounds like Trains planes and automobiles.
We rode them all during this trip.
We were super excited to get some fresh air and see the sites we have been hearing so much about.
Taimi was crazy about the bus! She loved it!
We thought we might ride the bus all the way through one time without getting off...but than we saw this
And had to get off. We couldn't get off soon enough.
Chris fell in love with this building. He smiled like this the whole two days.
I loved watching him smile throughout the city
I too loved the building BUT I loved what was across the street even more.
(those cool dome like buildings)
Taimi of course was more amazed by the pebbles
One thing that suprised me was all the students on field trips.
There were thousands of kids...ok maybe just hundreds but there were a lot of them.
What took me by surprise even more was all the teenagers swarmed Chris....seriously this is maybe only half of the amount of people that swarmed him. it was so great to watch.
He was photographed at least 50 times.
Here are some more of them.
They kept following us and taking our (his) picture. Every once in a while someone would muster the courage to ask for a picture.
Or I would see a few of them trying to get each other to come ask for a photo and offer my assistance.
We stayed in this situation
(surrounded and swarmed by teenagers for a good 30-45 minutes)
But we got a good laugh out of it.
I kept telling Chris to tell them he played in the NBA just to see what they would do.

After the crowds parted and carried on with their field trip we made our way around to the front of this massive white building.
Chris was a champ and carried the stroller the whole way up
at least 100 stairs maybe more maybe less
and yes Taimi is in the stroller
My favorite back drop, can't you tell.

more wienies go fingure
We didn't get a very good look at the map our tour bus gave us so without a certain guidance we just started roaming around the ruins.

and yet here I am looking at the map but had no idea...
When all a sudden POP there it was the Colosseum.
Wowzers, people it just came out of no where.
The teenagers from before were there again so trying to avoid them we made our way to this cute little area where Taimi illegally roamed.
With grass, flowers, and ruins all to herself.

Chris and I just sat there staring at this ancient building taking it all in.

After a good 40 minutes maybe an hour we decided we were hungry and headed to a bus stop.
More ruins. We love this place.
It was a pretty warm day so it was always nice to hop on the top of our bus and get a nice breeze goin.

We got off at our next big stop and got some Gelato and something along the lines of pizza
(it was so gross)
And yes Taimi did manage to get that vanilla gelato in her hair, blanket, and lap. Way to go Taimi
We decided there was no better place to eat our nasty mozzarella bread with sauce in the pillars at St. Peters Basilica
Taimi LOVES love loves the pigeons they never get old.
The pigeons in Rome are more fun than the ones in Venice. The ones in Rome would actually fly away so you don't have to worry about stepping on them.
After lunch we got back on the bus to head to our hotel so we can find it before it gets dark.
Taimi made up a song on the bus it goes something like this.
"no, no, noooooo, NO, NOOOOOOOOOOO"
She would wiggle her finger in a "no" like fashion while singing this beautiful song on the top of her lungs.
I am sure it's not because I was nervous about the bus and wouldn't let her go near the edge unless I was gripping onto her tight. And I also wouldn't let her crawl around the disgusting floor of the bus. "no, no nooooooo"
I loved this flower truck.
Taimi fell asleep before we got off the bus. And we started on our journey through the streets by foot.
I love it when she falls asleep in my arms it's the best feeling.
We found our hotel pretty easy Chris is a genius.
The street of our hotel September street was lined with ORANGE TREES!!
How cool is that!
I was obsessed with them.
I was walking so sllllllloooooow under these trees as I was staring up.
Chris's toe was hurting him pretty bad we didn't know what it was but the whole trip he was in a good amount of pain. After coming home and going to the doctor we found out he had glass in his toe so he had to have surgery and have it removed. Poor guy walking around with a glass in his toe. Ouch! And he was such a trooper never complaining once.
I thought our hotel was hilarious.
It was on the third floor of this pretty old building. We had to have a secret pin code to get into our hotel and this was all there was...4 rooms. But you can't beat 30 euro including breakfast. Not to mention the room was large and spacious. It was older than my great great grandmother but it was large.
The view
After dropping off our luggage, oh I mean one bag pack.
We headed to the point I was dying to get to the Trevi fountain.
And it didn't disappoint.
We LOVED it here!!

Taimi is the sweetest in the world.

We didn't throw a coin in the fountain because I don't really think we care to return to Rome.
(throw a coin in and you will return one day to Rome)
But Taimi had a great time playing in it and splashing around.
She did a good job clearing some room for us to get a picture.
The sun was starting to set so we headed to the Spanish Steps.
We wanted to be there at sunset.
We thought the Spanish steps were so rad and loved them.
I wasn't about to help carry the stroller up those steps so Chris and Taimi went up to the top together to have a Daddy Daughter moment.
They came down but Taimi wanted to climb them again but this time by herself.
So we climbed the steps together. She did the first layer alone.
We did the rest hand it hand.
One thing I never get tired of are the street sellers (NOT) they are so annoying selling the same things every few feet.
ANYWAY they kept trying to get Taimi interested in this squishy ball thinger....jokes on them cause I didn't have any euro on me but she wanted one so bad they gave it to her for free.
She loved it while it lasted.
This liquid filled squishy thing popped on her the next day.
Good thing I didn't blow 5 euro on it.
Taimi and I watched the most beautiful Italian sunset atop the spanish steps while Chris waved to us below.
It will always be a cherished memory of mine.
After the sunset and once we realized how hungry we were for real food we headed to McDonalds :)
Who goes to Rome Italy and eats at McDonalds WE DO.

After we scarfed our faces with greasy delicious food we decided we really wanted to see Trevi fountain again, but this time at night.
So we went back talked laughed and played around a little longer.
It was around 9pm at this point and Chris wanted to walk across the city back to that giant white thanks.
I told him he could escort us back and than go out and have a hay day.
But after the 15 minute walk back to our ancient hotel room he saw the wisdom in my decision.
We were so tired.
It is rare to find an elevator in some major cities in europe or even the small ones that will fit a stroller and 2 people. Or even just a stroller, or maybe even one big enough to fit 2 people.
The first time we went up the hotel room we couldn't get the stroller to fit so we carried it up 3 flights of stairs.
But this time TaDah the doors closed and up we went...thank goodness.
After a great breakfast and smuggling about 5 croissants under Taimi's blanket we hit the cobble for our last day in Rome.

My last stroll under orange trees.
Come though, how rad is that?!?
See how far behind I am getting.
I walk so slow when I'm walking under some citrus fruit trees.
This day we were going to visit the Vatican and climb to the top of St. Peters B.
I honestly could get lost in this place (mentally)
I was in awe! I wish we had more time so I could spend all day there.

The Sistine chapel made me cry. I cried entering it. I cried standing in it. I cried leaving it. and I cried the rest of the day thinking about it.
Standing in that beautiful sacred chapel was so powerful and overwhelming for me.
by far one of the top 10 moments in my life.

Chris had to pull me out of the Vatican kicking and crying!
So to get me to leave he promised me some Gelato. Coconut flavor of course.
Can you tell I am a little mad I had to leave??

Just kidding I was mad at all and I wasn't kicking but I was crying.

Taimi's two best friends Daddy and our big green bus.
We finally got the front of the bus.
We stopped at this place (whatever it is)

Enjoyed some one on one time with Taimi
At this point we were all ready to get some food and snacks for our train home.
So we walked to a grocery store got some oranges, milk, bread, juice and cheese.
Saw a Subway and couldn't resist.

We ate and kissed Rome Goodbye.

Next up: St. Peters Basilica and Florence


Daryl and McCall said...

oh my gosh, i love it. I seriously cried looking at your pictures of the colusseum. This was my favorite place we went. I love how you got so touched by the Sistine Chapel, I was the same way. Daryl got embarrassed by me because you aren't supposed to take photos of it and I looked around and saw people with cameras and made it my personal mission to make them stop. (sorry if you guys took pictures inside :P) It looks like you guys had a wonderful experience!

Chelsea said...

I LOVE your peach pants! They are so cute! You guys are such a fun couple! What an amazing adventure. Love it all!