Wednesday, April 4, 2012

St. Peters Basilica

This is the day I was reminded why I am absolutely terrified of Heights.
I am nearly paralyzed with fear when I am somewhere huge and high with no belt, harness or when I am not securely fastened to something.
Day 2 of our Roman getaway had begun.
We woke up ate and headed to St. Peters to climb the 512 stairs to the top of the basilica.
I was so excited not just because I like to climb stairs (I really do) but because I knew some of the area's would be small and I was excited to see Chris in a awkward situation.
I knew I would get a good laugh.
There wasn't much of a line which we loved.
Climbing these stairs were most definitely Taimi's favorite part of our entire trip.
At first the stair case is pretty normal and really large.
And than it happened they started to get smaller and smaller :)
Look at him he barely fit.
He was such a great sport and carried Taimi the entire way up to the top.
I have no idea what I was thinking it would be like once we climbed to the top.
Bit it was PACKED with people.
It was incredibly far from the ground.
There was nothing between me and falling but a little mental fence.
All I could think about was how many things could go wrong and how my whole world everything that's important to me is on the top of this darn basilica.

I freaked!
I told Chris to hurry and look around.
Than to get me off this thing :)
So he did while I gripped and hid behind one of the pillars squeezing Taimi tight.
Nevertheless it was gorgeous view. From what I saw from it anyway.
I guess I was expecting a roof top that I could stand in the middle of or something.
Am I glad we did it? Sure
Do I regret almost peeing my pants? Nah!
Taimi had the time of her life up and down the crazy stairs. I loved laughing at Chris the entire way up.
And Chris got a killer view.

We were at the top of this sucker!
Taimi gathered some rocks for her family back home.
I was so happy we were back on the ground, well on a wide roof top anyway.

I love when she holds my hand.
Actually I just love holding hand period.
And I love seeing people hold hands.

Today I was at the Chiropractor he was about to do something I hate and makes me nervous when all a sudden Chris grabbed my hand and held it :) ahhhhh what relief.

We made it home finally. It was a great flight.
3 people complimented Taimi after our international flight.
"fantastic she was simply fantastic"
Yes she was and is.

Verona and Venice is next!

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