Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dddddate Nuight

Chris and I haven't been on a double date since Taimi was born Ahem...whats up with that??
So our friends invited us on one last Friday and it was awesome.
We rode the train into the center of Frankfurt heading to a Thai restaurant. I was a little apprehensive about the whole "Thai" thing because the one time Chris and I went to a Thai restaurant we walked out with a bad taste in our mouths just from the smell in the air :) before even ordering.
The menu was at least 200 pages long (maybe I am slightly exagerating)
When I read that they had a dish called Som-Tam-Pu-Pla-laa I was in love with this place
Leslie and I were dared to eat chewy duck that tasted totally ducky
(slighting dry heaving thinking about it right now)
and a hairy gooey furry chewy fruit that I totally regret eating.
I get "gross" chills...meaning bad chills when I think about eating it again.
We had to get some sundaes and apple pies to get the ducky furry fruit taste out of our mouths.
Seriously dipping your apple pie into a hot caramel sundae is so delicious.
These two are so much fun. John walked away with the joke of the night...congratulations.
It was nice getting out of our daily activities and going someplace new without our little T-nugget, but she was missed.
So...THIS is what people look like while I am talking aka making a fool of myself and enjoying every minute of it.

Thanks for a great night guys!
Hopefully we can do it again before time runs out.


Today we went to a park full of see-saws (serious) Tiami loves it.
We fed the LDS missionaries. We love them!

I was so angry and frustrated cause I have been working hard at getting more fit and healthy but my pants fit tighter and I FEEL fatter than ever (grrrr) so Chris sat be down in front of him and for 10 minutes told me how perfect I am yada yada yada he is so sweet and was so serious about it.

Taimi loves to play follow the leber, follow the leader from Peter pan she is so rad!

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Allison J Brown said...

This blog reminded me of when you 'made' KC and I eat a spoonful of... some weird mixture? I can't even remember what it was now. You are so fun Ashley! haha.
You don't look like you need to lose weight.. if you do need to lose it's not a lot at all. You might like my NuSkin diet. I love it ... very fast results, If you don't cheat they promise you lose either a pound or an inch a day. And that promise has been true for me! I have lose 13 inches and 12 pounds!.. almost to my goal! Anyway I talk a little bit about it on my blog, but let me know if you have questions. Also your mom looks pretty awesome and I always like asking her for weight loss tips :)
Keep up the blogging, and the hard work, and your fun-ness! Love you and can't wait to go to DIsneyland!!!