Tuesday, March 6, 2012


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Fasching is a big holiday. It’s like the 4th of July and Halloween combined. Which are two of my 3 favorite holidays in the states. Everyone dresses up and meets in the middle of town to ride rides eat delicious food and wait for the parade to start.  Hanau Jan-March 2012 181 Hanau Jan-March 2012 179 Hanau Jan-March 2012 171

I was surprised when Taimi asked to ride the bumper cars which ended up being her favorite ride in the square. They have music playing so everyone can dance and has a grand ol’ time.

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The parade is by far my favorite part. It’s not your average parade. Every “float” (they are more like semi’s and trucks that people stand on and in) throws handfuls of candy. All the kids and grownups rush to fill their buckets and bags. No one feels left out cause they throw so much candy and toys and popcorn balls and even bags of chips.

I had this one old lady we are talking probably in her early 70’s butt bump me to get candy from me. Which became one of my favorite moments of the day.

They even hand out shots of alcohol cups of beer ect. but since we don’t drink we would refuse in return getting looks like we were from another planet. Also being some of my favorite moments.

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Taimi had the time of her life. Everyone in the parade shouts “Helau” in return we also shout “helau” and they throw candy. Chris Taimi and I yell so loud we really got a lot of candy. We are becoming Fasching professionals. At first we thought they were all just saying hello or Hanau but we were mistaken. This is our cute neighbor who always brings Taimi gifts. Whenever we come home or leave they love to open the door and say hi.

Taimi’s loot. I’d say it was a successful Fasching.

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