Monday, April 16, 2012

Shaking Our Stress Away

Our plane ride home was the best one to date.
Even through our Ipad broke the day before we left.
It was a good thing it broke our interaction with Taimi on the plane at least doubled.
We don't really miss it.
To be honest we relied to much on that little bugger.
To our pleasant surprise my Mom little brother Jonathan and Julie (chris's Mom) were waiting for us at the bottom of the escalator. We both had flash backs from our missions.
It was an even better surprise when we learned my Aunt from California was just 20 minutes behind us and was flying in for the week. YAHOOO!!!
The timing was so perfect.
Per my request to go dancing with everyone we all went to my cousins work The Hotel in SLC Thursday night and shook our groove thangs. There were maybe 20 people total at The Hotel so it was a perfect night for us.
My other sister Liz is absent we soooooo missed her. Especially her drunken (on happiness) dancing.
We made up dance moves all night. My favorites are the itchy, boomerang, and basketball drills in honor of my darling.
Highlights of the night are but not limited to,
driving up and down with my Mom and sister
Auntie Cheryl thinking she was on top of a roof but on ground level
Camille dancing on the table
Auntie Cheryl getting hit on not 1 or 2 but 3 times by the same kid
Cheryl and my Mom doing "the ellen"
All of us cramming into my Moms car
Eating at Denny's
Let me rephrase that my Mom making me eat at Denny's :)
Hanging out with Jaclyn

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