Monday, April 9, 2012

Romeo and Juliet

Verona was day 5. Verona was so romantic small and perfect. I love this city.
It's got a much smaller scale Colosseum like Rome.
It's so bright and colorful.
We got there a little before dusk.
We parked in this beautiful top of the line parking garage. And started making our way to the center of the city.

I love all the pedestrian only walk ways in Europe. It's gotta be one of my top 10 favorite things about this continent. Verona's walkways were MARBLE and it was gorgeous. I had never seen marble before
I was lovin it.

We arrived right before all the stands were closing up shop for the day.
Taimi and her Daddy dancing in Verona.
I have wanted to go to Verona for a very long time. I love the story of Romeo and Juliet so I really enjoyed visiting Casa Di Giulieti (Juliet's house)
The balcony where Juliet calls out to her Romeo.
I obviously don't need a balcony maybe just a step stool or ladder.
I was crazy about the stone floor in the courtyard of Juliet's house.
I love this picture.
We arrived to Juliet's house at the most perfect time. It wasn't very crowded.
I am not sure why everyone always touch's Juliet's breasts. It just doesn't make sense to me.
The poor girl getting violated like that all day, day after day.

The hallway into the courtyard of Juliets house is covered in love notes and for some weird reason chewed gum.
I had a friend that hated and was so grossed out when seeing someone else's chewed gum :) she would hate this place.
The city center.

Kiri is so great with kids she is going to be such a fantastic mother.
Taimi cruising down the marble walks.
After walking the city we went and stuffed our faces at McDonalds. With very full and greasy bellies we headed to Jonathan's game against Verona.
One thing that I could never get used to in Italy are their toilets.
You see they don't have toilets you sit on they have toilets you hoover and squat over.
Going to the bathroom (#1) in one of these was the funniest thing. I couldn't stop laughing.
It's quite humiliating to say the least but something I had to try while I was there.
Watching Jonathan do what he does best.
Chris was dying he had the itch to play so bad.
After the game we headed to our hotel to get some rest and wash the city off.
Because bright and early in the morning we are headed to VENICE or Venezia as they call it.

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Chelsea said...

Oh my gosh! How romantic to go to Verona! How do you guys take such amazing pictures of yourselves??