Wednesday, April 11, 2012


We took a 40 minute ferry to the last stop in Venice.
The ride in was beautiful. I wasn't aware that the boat ride was so long and maternally I wasn't very prepared.
I didn't have 40 minutes of stuff to entertain my little sweet pea but the little darling was a champ.

I was absolutely blown away. Never in a million years thought I would ever make it to Venice.
But Chris took us there and it didn't disappoint.
Taimi wanted to look over the edge so bad but the ferry conductor wouldn't let her do it.

We were lucky to sit in the front of the ferry so we had the best view of the fish shaped city on the water.
One thing that always surprises me are how big these cities really are. For some reason I expect them to be these tiny cities with all the major sites minutes away from each other.
But they are always massive.
Right when we got off the ferry we walked right into the most beautiful square.
Full outside cafe's and restaurants with full on bands playing music.
When I walked into the square the second time there was a band playing "Some Where Over the Rainbow"

All I wanted to do was trot through the tiny streets and over the decorated bridges hand in hand with Chris.
We were all starving. And I knew I wouldn't fully appreciate this place unless I had a some food in my system. After doing a little searching we realized the best place would be Planet Hollywood or was it Hard Rock Cafe. They are basically the same aren't they?
Taimi was so good during lunch so I took her where I knew she would enjoy herself the best.
Back to the square to feed the pigeons her extra french fries from lunch and chase those nutty birds around.
Taimi was crazy about the pigeons

Once Taimi had enough of the birds we walked around.
I had heard that Venice was a little stinky but it smells just fine.

I love that smile.
I cracked a joke and snapped a shot at the same time. I would say I caught the smile I was after.
Sometimes we push the stroller together at the same time.
The walk ways are this narrow. I wanted to find the most narrow abandoned street I could find I think this one was the winner.
You walk a ways go over a bridge than find yourself in a small little square that is kind of the process while you walk around.

We were so glad to get to visit all these beautiful places with such great friends.
I just love this girl

Where ever we go either Chris or Taimi sometimes both run into some of their fans.
This little family on the gondola couldn't get enough of Taimi trying to ask her questions and say hello in their adorable broken English has they waved on by.

Taimi and her Daddy love to do flips.
I enjoy watching all the reactions from the onlookers and the shock in their faces.
Taimi loves it and her Daddy would never let anything happen to her.

We made out way back to the ferry while the sun was setting.
I was very excited to see Venice at night.

The ferry was jammed back. We are talking shoulder to shoulder standing room only kind of packed.
But I was on the edge and got to watch the glowing buildings as they went by.
Kiri and Jonathan watched Taimi so Chris and I could have a few of our own little moments.

It was a great day.
We got Taimi her jammies on grabbed some snacks and gas and headed back to Pistoia.
Next: Sunday just a day with the Tavernaris.

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Chelsea said...

Seriously Ashley! Your photos are so dreamy! What a beautiful family!