Monday, May 21, 2012

Magical to the Max with a dose of Fantasmic

Just when we thought this trip couldn't get any better we woke up for day 2 at Disneyland. Taimi and her cousins sat in our room watching Disney Junior while I made some lunches for the day.
 Taimi and Lila could have ran the whole way to the park. They were so excited. 
 Right when we entered the town square we saw the two people Taimi was asking for the day before. Minnie and Donald Duck.
 A funny thing you don't know about Taimi is she is CRAZY for Donald Duck! We have a DVD full of Donald Duck short cartoons that she is in love with. At nights she would wake up crying for Donald. "I want Donald Duck!!" "please Donald Duck" hilarious I think. She you can imagine the excitement when she saw Donald standing real life.
 She cried and cried it was hard for her to understand why she needed to wait in line. She just wanted to run up to him and hug him so bad! But she waited and cried the whole time we were in line. Which I think was so sweet and will always remember.
 Taimi was giggling and laughing so hard when she actually got her one on one time with DD. Donald knew she was crying in line so he took a little extra time with my little nugget.
 No matter what the chipmunks try to tell you Donald was a stud muffin just a little sweetheart.
 After the tree house which might be the lamest thing in the park we headed to see Pooh and his friends. 
We rode The Winnie The Pooh Ride nearly 10 times good thing there was no line. In between the ride we would go meet the guys! The kids all got to bounce with Tigger which was a riot.

 One of my Mom's favorite rides is Pirates of the C. and we all shared one boat singing and hollaring "yo ho" the whole way through. Taimi was hilarious at the drops. She never sees it coming. 

 We stopped and had lunch outside he castle. It was a nice rest! 
We pretty much lived off of Beef jerky and Beef sticks, pop tarts, bagels, sandwiches, dried fruit and chips. 

 Q and T played in the grassy gated area which was nice so we just sat there and ate and watched them play.

 Cinderella walked right by with her Fairy Godmother and mice Taimi was thrilled and followed her to her resting spot. Taimi twirled with the mice and Cinderella it was the cutest thing.

 I wasn't sure how Taimi would handle all the stores but she did excellent. Never threw a fit or tantrum. 
She was so wonderful!

 After a while we headed to my favorite spot in either parks! The movie room. Every time we go I sit in this room for a good hour or so and relax sing the songs and talk to Chris. I love it.
This time Taimi got so into it. She even got to dance with her Daddy during her favorite song "once upon a dream" she sings it word for word.
 We went to a Bug Life land next. Taimi obviously was thrilled. 

 After a little California Adventure action we went to Cold Stone to get some ice cream. 
Chris was a walking Zombie and his legs were achy.
He said something along the lines of 
"My legs have never hurt so bad, Ash! Even during my entire basketball career my legs have never hurt so bad."
So I had mercy on him. We walked back to the hotel no matter how badly I wanted to go back to Disneyland.
I filled up about 7 buckets of ice filled the bathtub with ice and freezing cold water and Chris soaked in a cold tub.
Taimi slept the whole time which was nice so it gave us a chance to rest.
 Chris feel asleep in our hotel room he told me to wake him up after 20 minutes or so but I didn't wake him up for almost 2 hours. 
 I'd say it was a good investment because he was READY to play after that!!

 Ya Ya with her Grand girls!
5 strollers total! We could have used one more.
 I took all the older girls and we went to go dancing with the band!
It was so much fun! Everyone else wanted to go on Star Tours but that ride makes me sick and i would way rather go dancing anyway. 
My favorite moment was singing on the top of my lungs with Avery "rolling in the deep"
She knew every word. I loved it so much!
 My Mom gave everyone neon glow bracelets. The girls compared colors while the band was rocking out.
 Chris and I hit up the firework show. It was excellent as always.
 My FAVORITE part of the evening was sitting with Camille, Lila, Jonathan, Taimi and my Mom to watch Fantasmic. It was Fantastic! Honestly it was an excellent show. 

My Mom and Camille went through a bit of drama to save our FRONT ROW spot for the show but they managed and I was grateful they saved me and Taimi a spot.

I was going to run around the park with my Mom this night but it was about 11:30pm by the time the show was over and the crowd parted so we just headed home to rest for day 3.

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