Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Chris and Taimi steal the show

The final day at Disneyland was most definitely the most memorable. 
 We spent the morning packing up and checking out of our hotel. 
Than spent the rest of the morning with the Kartchners

 It was so nice to get a little one on one time with this happy Q-bear
 She was so happy and excited like this all day.
 My Mom and all the grand girlies got together before hand and decorate fairy wings. 
So the final day we put the wings on and went to go meet the fairies first thing in the morning.
 hahaha the girls were so cute we were the only ones at Pixie Hallow I had to bribe Taimi with a sucker to go get with Tinker bell cause she was a little more interested in her little house but Tinker bell said only fairies can go into the house. 

 This cute little dress was mine when I was her age. It's a little shorter on her though. I love that she is wearing a dress I once wore. 

 We snuck away from the family and for the rest of the afternoon just spend time with the 3 of us.
 The characters were all so personable and friendly. Every one spent so much time with us and got Chris and I involved. It was a great day.
 Normally we spend most the time on rides and visiting with the Characters but this trip we wanted to see as many of the shows and parades as we could.
So we did. 
This one in-particular was my all time favorite. 
 Cruella was looking for someone out of the audience to dance with her. Chris was stuffing his face with a pop tart not paying much attention at all. I honestly didn't thing Chris was going to be chosen either. 
 She dressed him up in her threads and they dance. together. it was so rad!!
He was the best sport and did an excellent job.

 He was so cute about the whole thing.
I feel in love with him all over again in that 2 minute performance.
She had him roar to the audience which was classic.
 Next the chipmunks were looking for someone to dance with. 
To our pleasant surprise they picked Taimi she was so happy.
I wasn't sure if she was going to take his hand but she did and couldn't have smiled bigger.
 I love this girl!
It was so much fun for me to see them both up there smiling and laughing making unforgettable memories.

 Minnie Mouse even took her hand and strolled through the town square with her. 
She was on cloud nine...the cream of the crop.

 After a little nap.
We surprised Taimi and had her wake up front row at the Disney Junior live show.
She LOVED it.
It was an adorable show they had bubbles fall from the sky. Streams sprout from the ceiling.  and much more. 
It was a lot of fun to see the excitement in Taimi.
 She took her share of souvenirs.
 After we met back up with our family. To ride Toy Story Mani Taimi's favorite. 

 Did a little screamin
 And headed back to Disneyland to ride the last ride and see the last and final show.
 We bought my Mom oscar for Best Mom.
So after the show after Liz and I chocked we had Collin get up make a speech and present an award to my Mom.
She accepted and made a little speech of her own.
I am so glad we did it. 
My Mom was so happy.
 We were all so sad to leave. 
We stayed until they got on the loud speaker and said that Disneyland was closed.

 Camille where are you?

We mosied our way home talking and laughing only to get in our cars and drive to Primm.
In the morning we had breakfast with My Mom Jonathan Josh and the Smiths.
Chris and I were in NO HURRY to get back home so we went to the outlets in Primm where Chris bought 5 pairs of Nike shoes at at least 80% off. I guess size 14 is an extreme size so they were begging Chris to buy some shoes.
We dove slow, sang songs, talked, laughed, pondered.
Stopped in Cedar City for some Cafe Rio and a little playground time.
still in no hurry to get home but eventually we got home counting down the days to go back.


Life is great here with the Miles family.
We are adjusting to our new beautiful home. 
Taimi finally has her own room and couldn't be happier. 
She gets excited to hop into bed turn on her Mickey Mouse night lite so we can read her little bible story book to her. 
Chris is working hard. Doing one on one coaching and working with his brothers twice a week.
We have big news about 2 charities we are starting and a few more trips we need to make time for this summer.

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