Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A evening in Renne

From 11:30-12:00 Taimi and her class play outside if the weather is nice.
Sometimes Chris and I like to go spy on her over the fence. Sometimes I regret it, cause it's a little difficult to watch her standing next to the teacher holding her hand not playing with her classmates. Or sitting off to the side alone collecting rocks alone.
But lately she has been running and holding hands with two little girls who she made friends with, Anna and Louisa. It's warms my heart and puts the biggest smile on my face.
 One afternoon we drove 45 minutes to visit a college town named Renne. We mostly picked this town because there is an Ikea and I really wanted to go to Ikea.
 I was really glad we made the trip the town was a great change from what I see and do everyday.
 It was very colorful and lively. Much different from Saint B where we live. There are college students EVERYWHERE.
 There were houses stacked and leaning on one another in all different styles and colors.
 We didn't walk to long before we came across this incredible carousel.

 Taimi rode it about 5 times, wait 6 some cute lady bought her an extra ticket.
She rode the plane, air balloon, and submarine. The submarine was her favorite. A few times she kept getting off her choice of ride to hop on another one while it was moving so Chris would ride with her to make sure she didn't get hurt.
Taimi had to go potty. It's always so exciting trying to find a bathroom in any town in France especially ones we're not to familiar with.
We made it to an indoor mall. Chris took Taimi into the restroom while I looked and wished through windows of the shop.
Saving money is never fun!!
 Belly pick! In the background their are 3 different creperies. 3!
It rained on us while Taimi was going round and round. Living in this region we are always prepared for rain. It's so fun.
We headed to Ikea. Spent an embarrassing undisclosed amount of time and headed home.
We have been dancing and singing to Christmas music. We love driving in the car lately cause of the music and our town is putting up all their Christmas lights over the streets. AHHHHH it puts the biggest smile on my face.
This year Chris is unusually excited for Christmas and the whole season. Last night he toss and turned in bed. Finally I asked if he was ok. His reply was he was just excited for Christmas hahahah. I love little moments when I can just see what he was like 15 years ago.
We met our Doctor and visited the hospital. He spent an hour and a half on the ultrasound. We walked away with a 10 foot reel of ultrasound pictures. I am not kidding!!! I will take a picture of them sprawled out across our entire living room.
(post on this to come)
My favorite lately is the FOG! For the last two evenings it's been so very THICK!! It's taken Chris twice the amount of time to get to practice cause he can't see. I LOVE IT!! I have just been admiring the fog through the windows of our apartment but I have been wanted to walk around town in it so bad. Hopefully today is my lucky day, Chris doesn't have evening practice.
You see, I love weather! I love weather extremes. Wind, Rain, Fog, Snow! I love it all! Snow is my number one then I guess fog would be my second.
I guess for the next 2 months thick fog like this is normal and reaccuring. YEA!

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